2013 Nations Cup Dressage Video DVD

2013 Nations Cup Dressage Video DVD

2013 Nations Cup Dressage Video DVD

Get the Best viewing of the Wellington, Florida 2013 Dressage Season

West Palm Beach, Florida (June 29, 2013) – West Palm Beach Videographer Studio is proud to announce the release of the 2013 Nations Cup Dressage DVD collection filmed the Saturday of the 2013 Adequan Global Dressage Festival Nations Cup presented by Stillpoint Farm.2013 Nations Cup Dressage Video DVD

James Mann editor and Videographer said, “We are very excited about establishing a high quality DVD series from such a fantastic location as the Adequan Global Dressage Festival 2013 Nations Cup. The two set DVDs in one package offers a full array of dressage competitors from the Small Tour (Intermediare I) to the Large Tour (Grand Prix) Freestyle evening.” He added, “We look forward to encouraging the North American horse community as well as the International horse community to purchase the two DVD series. Enjoy seeing this new facility in the heart of Wellington, and enjoy the beautiful dressage tests and freestyles.”

With two camera angles, one angle has a super high day resolution and the other high night resolution, see top editing for the best view of each horse and rider. Enjoy the Grand Prix Freestyle evening under the lights with super sound that will give you goose bumps as you watch. Click Here to purchase: http://www.amazon.com/AMAZING-DRESSAGE-NATIONS-EQUESTRIAN-WELLINGTON/dp/B007WV3BJM


FEI Intermediare I

• Heidi Gaian

• Nicholas Fyffe

• Brittany Fraser

• Paula Matute

• Maya Markowski

• Alejandro Gomez

• Justin Hardin

• Christopher Hickey

• Kevin Kohmann

• Lee Tubman


• Caroline Roffman

• Lars Petersen

• Carlos Munoz

• Christilot Boylen

• Kimberly Herslow

Grand Prix Freestyles (Under the Lights)

• Shelly Francis

• Heather Blitz

• David Marcus

• Susan Dutta

• Cesar Parra

The second DVD includes s a high level demonstration by Valiant, a completely blind horse. Watch and see the absolute trust and joy with his rider as they perform a freestyle like no other.

West Palm Beach Videographer Studio Inc. is a group of videographer and media specialists who strive for top quality videography in the Equestrian Community. Our mission is to value and promote the highest level of dressage performance through competition rides on the highest level during the Florida Winter Seasons. Our future DVDs will include documentaries and interviews interspersed with test rides at Wellington CDI competitions. Our goal is to allow the viewer to get to know the riders. Our company develops top quality videos and DVDs tailored to benefit the equine and dressage community as well as all horse owners on the highest level of the dressage sport.

To purchase on-line: http://www.amazon.com/AMAZING-DRESSAGE-NATIONS-EQUESTRIAN-WELLINGTON/dp/B007WV3BJM

For Additional Information or Interview Opportunities, Please Contact:

James Mann   West Palm Beach Studios    T: 561-459-4749    E: info@stlgn.com   www.nationscupvideo.com