Elite Equestrian readers are well-educated, successful and financially secure.

Elite Equestrian magazine is distributed at the most prestigious events and venues in the United States.

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Equestrian Demographics

  The equestrian audience is a rider, owner, trainer, groom or spectator.


  • 80% are women
  • 63% are married
  • 62% have a college degree
  • A majority are between 34-54 years of age
  • Average income is $215,000
  • 56% are employed full-time
  • 97% own one or more credit cards
  • The market value of the average home is $594,000
  • Own two or more homes
  • Own three vehicles. 53% own a pick-up truck
  • Own a farm; 66% of those are ten acres or more
  • Own an average of four horses
  • Compete at least six times per year
  • Own a pet besides a horse or pony