2023 Affiliate Regional Championship and NAAC Qualification

2023 Affiliate Regional Championship and NAAC Qualification

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Board of Directors met during the 2023 Winter Meeting and voted on the qualification process for Affiliate Regional Championships (ARC) and the Adequan® North American Affiliate Championship (NAAC).

To qualify for a 2023 Affiliate Regional Championship, a rider must be an NRHA member and a member of an NRHA affiliate. Riders may join an affiliate at any point and are encouraged to show within it throughout the year to build their reining community and compete for awards. As in 2021, riders will be allowed to participate in multiple ARCs with one exception; if they win a class, they cannot compete on the same horse in the same class at another ARC.

Any exhibitor who receives a score higher than a zero at an ARC will be able to enter that class, on that specific horse, at the NAAC in Oklahoma City. Riders are encouraged to confirm that the classes they enter at an ARC are qualifying classes and not the ancillary slate.

This qualification format follows the same process as the past two years and was recommended by the Affiliate Committee before it was approved by the NRHA Board following the past two years’ success. The number of competitors at ARCs and the NAAC have grown across the board, which is positive for affiliates hosting shows, the grassroots level of reining, and the overall industry.

During the 2022 NAAC, more than $99,000 was awarded, with the Adequan® arena hosting more than 800 NAAC entries. The Board and Affiliate Committee look forward to seeing this growth expanded in 2023.

To find an affiliate near you, visit nrha.com/affiliate. To check if you are a member of a specific affiliate, please contact them directly.

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