Alison Morton, DVM, DACVS, DACVSMR at UF Veterinary Hospital EQUUS Interview with Jacqueline Taylor

Alison Morton, DVM, DACVS, DACVSMR at UF Veterinary Hospital EQUUS
Interview with Jacqueline Taylor

Acoustic myography:

AMG was performed in real time using a mobile CURO unit featuring up to four acoustic sensors (CURO- Diagnostics ApS) connected to an iPadAir (Apple Inc.). 

The AMG data were analyzed using the CURO data handling program (CURO- Diagnostics ApS), giving the ESTi™- score with its individual components. Efficiency/coordination (E- score) and fiber recruitment including both Temporal (T- score) and Spatial (S- score) summation, which are all mean values over a defined time interval. 

CURO MK ii- Diagnostics ApS:

A Revolutionary Diagnostic Biofeedback Medical Instrument for assessing whole-body skeletal muscular function while active during physical periods of movement in real-time for many forms of muscle training, rehabilitation, and diagnosis that results in early detection and remote management of health conditions that determine the Balance * Strength * and Performance! 

Acoustic myography as an assessor of muscle function has the advantage of being noninvasive and easy to use, and it does not involve pain or discomfort. It also lends itself to distance monitoring which could be advantageous for both patients and clinicians alike, allowing for home monitoring during daily activities (Bartels, Olsen, et al., 2020; Pingel et al., 2019). Compared with sEMG, the analysis of data is more straight forward and with less question of interference from other signals.

 Acoustic myography (AMG) records the pressure waves emitted by contracting muscle fibers with a piezo- ceramic sensor placed on the skin above the mus-cle of interest. AMG enables noninvasive, quick, and reliable muscle assessment, and it lends itself to home measurement of subjects performing daily tasks over a number of hours

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 Medical – Advanced Myographic Technologies (

The all NEW and IMPROVED Acoustic Myography (AMG) CURO Mk II with the ESTiTM Scoring Report is a wireless and completely portable diagnostic technology that uses very sensitive sensors to measure the pressure waves that skeletal muscles generate in real-time when active.

HUMAN       EQUINE   CANINE  “Scientifically Proven and Documented ! 

CURO Mk II can be used for diagnosis in THREE separate Medical Modalities • You have a voice •  CURO was developed to give your Animals a voice too!. Now it’s time to get a Baseline Test and hear it with the New and Improved CURO  Mk II.

 The CURO Mk II  has proven to “reveal the unseen” within  muscles In the body no other technology has shown!

 * Over a decade of Research & Development this product has now reached a new pinnacle In diagnostic technology.

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