Barndominium and Barn Living

Barndominium and Barn Living

Barndominium and Barn Living

The word, barndominium, is a combination word that has become popular to describe the building of, or conversion of, storage type buildings into homes. A barndominium is a new type of building growing in popularity in the United States. They can be found on Texas ranches, Connecticut equestrian communities and have actually existed since homes were first being built.Barndominium and Barn Living

It is essentially a building, originally designed as a storage building or barn that has been repurposed by the addition of living areas to previously open space. The structure often acts as a dual purpose living and shop or workspace.

Barnominiums are typically faster and less expensive to build than a conventional stick built home. You can build a very simple structure or do something more elaborate.

Because these homes are built to have a lot of internal open space they make for great spaces for an open concept living environment.

Some people have even lived in an upper portion of a Barnominium while their horses live in the bottom portion. A friend of mine visited a home in Germany which was a barn on the bottom with lots of stalls, living space on top and attached to an indoor riding area. It was a horse trainer’s home and was amazing.

Building a Barndominium has some advantages over traditional homes with simple finishes and straightforward framing that help keep costs low. Trevor Wilson, in his article, 25 Things I’ve Discovered from Living in a Barn, says: “There’s something to this minimalist trend. I’ve learned that an open uncluttered space leads to an open uncluttered mind.”Barndominium and Barn Living

Some have adopted barn living as an experiment in sustainable living. Like the Scott & Alex Mueller who own Moosicorn Ranch. Their home has a lower level workshop and a

two bedroom loft-style apartment above. The interior features environmentally friendly products like Forbo Marmolium, Ceasarstone, Zeor VOC stains and paint. Solar panels

and wind energy are planned. You can read more about Scott & Alex and their adventure on their website

If you’re thinking about the wonders of living in a Barndominium we can help make your dream a reality.