Cedar Tree Recycling Project in Oklahoma

Cedar Tree Recycling Project in Oklahoma

Hello Green Energy Friends:

I need some help – I am looking for a company that needs wood chips.

I am looking for an END-USE BUYER for the wood chips — a company that will operate a recycling center to purchase and make something out of wood chips. Could be cat liter or fireplace logs or wood pellets for wood stoves, bedding for horse stalls, press-wood pallets or other press-wood product, etc. or something else.

In Oklahoma, we have a Cedar Tree problem.

I am on the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council and I represent several landowners with several thousand acres of land. Oklahoma County Commissioner tree program uses prisoners to cut down 200 trees per day.

We have too many Cedar Trees. The USDA and the Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture have programs for Cedar Tree Removal.

Cedar Trees can drink up to 50 gallons of water per day and kill out the grass and during wildfires, these Cedar Trees will explode like bombs.

The landowners could run the trees though a chipper. Transport the wood chips to a processing plant that will treat the wood chips then re-chip the wood into smaller chips.

There are some EPA grants available for this project and there is a carbon credit program, etc.

I can help arrange a One Million Dollar loan at zero rate to repaid in 120 monthly payments. There are buildings available plus other financing is available, etc. from the local economic development authority.

Would you consider opening a center in Oklahoma?

Please advise – thank you.


Bob Moore Hay Sales www.alfalfahaycubes.webs.com