December 5, 2022

Comfortable And Beautiful Kid’s Saddles

Comfortable And Beautiful Kid’s Western Saddles #eliteequestrian buckaroos


Ruby Roo Saddles was created for the purpose of bringing exciting elements to the Pony Saddle market. These elements include inventive cantle fabrics, velcro cantle fabrics for more choice, and a variety of colors and designs.Comfortable And Beautiful Kid’s Western Saddles #eliteequestrian buckaroos

As the President and Designer of Borné Saddlery, LLC, I understand how thrilling it can be for clients to have power over their personal choices when purchasing a saddle, while still paying attention to fit for their horses. Our saddles have been thoughtfully manufactured with synthetic wool flocking and adjustable gullet plates at affordable pricing.

Ruby is our favorite Unicorn and the fantasy horse for so many kids! Our website is designed to tap into your child’s imagination adding excitement in in a variety of ways for your little equestrian.

Looking forward, we will be adding interactive areas for your kids on our website such as new products, saddle fitting training, and social networking with other kids. Please be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter for the latest information as we continue to evolve.

Gorgeous Dressage Saddles
We offer a competition dressage saddle that provides an extremely soft and broken-in feel for your kids to really enjoy. It is suitable for kids looking to build confidence and to become a lot more skilled over time. It’s also built for those with competition-level riding, making it the perfect option for those training for dressage. Our competition dressage saddle is created with the biomechanics of your child in mind, allowing them to achieve the right seat and posture every time they ride.Comfortable And Beautiful Kid’s Western Saddles #eliteequestrian buckaroos

For older children who need a better connection to their saddle, we offer the Disco Dancer Deep Seat Dressage saddle. This saddle is a little bigger than our competition dressage saddle, offering a deeper seat and larger, sculpted exterior block. With this saddle, your child can easily move on to larger ponies or even horses, while keeping the comfort and safety you desire.

Customize Your Child’s Pony Saddle
When looking for the perfect saddle for your young rider, look no further than Ruby Roo. With an eye to safety and a feel for comfort, our saddles give you everything you’re looking for. If you want to customize your designs, you can explore a wonderful number of options with our Unmistakably Your Design line. We have 22 exclusive designs when it comes to cantle colors, so you won’t have to worry about running out of options.

We offer pony saddles in a variety of sizes, color options, and styles. All of our saddles are made with your little one in mind. We offer comfortable saddles that enhance the safety and security of your rider, as well as comfort to the pony they are riding. Get the perfect dressage saddle or all-purpose pony saddle today.
Feel free to contact us with any questions. We are always happy to hear from you!

Comfortable And Beautiful Kid’s Western Saddles #eliteequestrian buckaroos