November 26, 2022

Cool Heads for Summer Riders

Cool Heads for Summer Riders

A new spray which keeps the scalp cool whilst wearing protective headgear is making the riding experience more comfortable thanks to Lancashire based Ahead Solutions. Airhead Helmet Cool Spray gives helmet wearers a feeling of reduced temperature inside helmets for up to an hour, helping to combat sweating, itch and irritation – common conditions experienced when wearing headgear for sustained periods whilst doing energetic activity.Airhead Helmet Cool Spray

Airhead Helmet Cool Spray can be used with any type of headgear. If used whilst wearing a helmet with vents, the product causes incoming air to feel refreshingly cooler. But the ‘augmented air-con’ continues even when the wearer comes to a standstill – so it is also effective when wearing helmets with few or even no vents.

Managing Director Lee Cunningham says “Increasing the comfort and safety of helmet wearers is paramount to us. As a minimum, perspiration and itchiness can be an irritation for riders, but these conditions can also be the source of real distraction to their concentration.”

The spray is intended for use by helmet wearers such as equestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists, skiers and snowboarders, but is equally effective with everyday headwear such as beanies and baseball caps.

The product is applied topically to the scalp. A few sprays around a full head takes seconds and within a minute a cool sensation builds which lasts up to an hour. The product may be reapplied as required. Airhead Helmet Cool Spray

Airhead Helmet Cool Spray has been developed by Ahead Solutions’ trichological product development team following research of its existing customer base.

The company has achieved success in US markets with Menthogen; a more specialist anti-pruritic range for helmet wearers that experience chronic scalp itch.

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