December 2, 2022

CURO-Diagnostics Revealing the Unseen

CURO-Diagnostics Revealing the Unseen #curo #eliteequestrian

CURO-Diagnostics “Revealing the Unseen”

A muscle and suspensory ligament diagnostic tool


”Revealing the Unseen”CURO-Diagnostics Revealing the Unseen #curo #eliteequestrian

 From the research lab to the shed row, the CURO makes it possible to monitor the fitness level of young horses during

training, diagnose imbalances and restricted movement from fitting equipment or rider interactions, and track corrections in

real-time. For a full list of publications and the CURO ESTi-

Score please see:

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The CURO measures the efficiency (E), active frequency (T) when a muscle works.

Combined, ESTi-Score measures both sides of a horse simultaneously, and reveals asymmetries, balance and much more about muscle performance, all in real-time.CURO-Diagnostics Revealing the Unseen #curo #eliteequestrian

Curo MKII Balance Strength Performance
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