Custom Saddlery Implements Advancements for Faster Saddle Production

Custom Saddlery Implements Advancements for Faster Saddle Production

Aiken, SC (September 4, 2012) – Thanks to increased customer demand for handcrafted saddles from Custom Saddlery, the prestigious saddle manufacturer that has designed custom saddles for well know riders such as Olympian Steffen Peters, Custom Saddlery is pleased to announce new innovations that will result in faster saddle production. With their production facility based in Aiken, South Carolina, Custom Saddlery makes handcrafted custom-fit dressage, jumping and event saddles.

Custom Saddlery Implements Advancements for Faster Saddle Production
Custom Saddlery is pleased to announce new innovations that will result in faster saddle production. (Photo courtesy of Custom Saddlery)

“We have made a few changes that will help with faster saddle production, including increasing our labor force and installed a new hydraulic cutting machine,” said Cary Wallace, President of Custom Saddlery. “The cutting machine automates the cutting process and speeds up the time we can prep for saddles which increases our ability to make more saddles. This, of course, will help with our turnaround time in producing new custom saddles.”

Wallace added that Custom Saddlery has developed a new online system for their saddle fitters, which will help new orders arrive at the production facility quicker. “Keeping in mind that all of our saddles are handcrafted to fit horse and rider, our goal is still to reduce our delivery time,” Wallace said.

Custom Saddlery prides itself on saddle services and all saddles are made to each individual horse’s measurements. “Each new saddle is made with a custom flap length and seat size to fit the rider and all saddles include a 10-day trial period. One of our trained saddle fitters will come out to your barn and measure and conduct a personalized saddle fitting for each rider. Our goal is to make the Custom Saddlery experience a good one, from start to finish,” Wallace said.

Custom Saddlery has developed an excellent reputation in the equestrian industry, and dozens of top riders are loyal to the company. “Our presence at the 2012 Olympics in London was amazing, as dressage riders Steffen Peters, Tina Konyot and Heather Blitz all ride in Custom Saddles,” Wallace said. “It was extremely exciting to see our riders competing on the world stage in London.

“We are not limited to just U.S. riders competing in the Olympics,” Wallace said. “Dutch based and born Moroccan rider Yessin Rahmouni qualified as an individual rider for the 2012 Olympic Games on Floresco NRW, owned by Moroccan Princess Lalla Amina.” Other international dressage riders who compete in Custom Saddles include Jennifer Hoffman, Johan Hamminga, Endel Ots, Sue Blinks, Jennifer Sekreve, Alexandra Duncan, Annemiek Vincourt, Kristel Bodewes, Engie Kwakkel, Jordy van Wijnen, Jan Peter Weenink, Sheela van Bregt, Sanne Gilbers, Stal Coomans, Kim Thijssen, Gabrielle Rost, stal ten Wolde, Matty Marissink, Lynne Maas, Ingeborg Klooster and Tommie Visser.

Custom Saddlery makes a wide range of styles to accommodate countless horse and rider combinations and in addition to their own high level of research and design, Custom Saddlery is dedicated to listening to the input of riders and trainers. “With our state-of-the-art facilities, qualified personnel and combined knowledge of listening to riders and trainers, we are able to offer a great selection of the finest dressage saddles available,” Wallace said. “By listening to riders and trainers we can continue to provide new models, styles and designs for maintaining our position as the top choice for dressage saddles in the market.”

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