Equestrian Payment Solutions Offers Electronic Answers

Equestrian Payment Solutions Offers Electronic Answers

Equestrian Payment Solutions Offers Electronic Answers

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June 18, 2012 – Chicago, IL – Robin Wertlieb Schwartz, who competed in the hunters on a national level for 25 years, is an electronic solution provider. Seeing a need, she developed Equestrian Payment Solutions, a company that has established itself as an asset to equestrians nationwide.Equestrian Payment Solutions Offers Electronic Answers

Schwartz thrives on saving her customers money and creating solutions. After working in the electronic payment processing business for more than five years, Schwartz realized that she could combine her knowledge with the complex nature of the equestrian community and stay connected to the sport she loves.

Understanding first-hand the needs of show managers, trainers, equestrian facilities and other equine related businesses, Schwartz recognized that there was a shift within the horse industry not only with credit card acceptance but also for completing transactions electronically. In response, Schwartz now offers unique cost effective options from credit card processing, e-checks, ACH/direct debit and secure data storage plus finds ways to create integrated solutions.

For equestrian professionals, Equestrian Payment Solutions provides the ability to accept payments anywhere, enables electronic invoicing and Quickbooks integration, and is the most cost-efficient payment solution available in the marketplace. They offer 100% transparent Interchange Plus pricing.

“I recently helped a trainer who had been accepting credit cards for years. He’ll now be saving about $500 a month on fees and more. We were both impressed!” explained Schwartz.

For horse show managers, the company provides show office software integration, custom email receipts, and ‘event status’ merchants with no monthly minimums.

Equestrian businesses can take advantage of virtual terminals, e-commerce/hosted payment pages, shopping carts, and recurring/installment billing. They are also part of the American Express OnePoint Program, which provides twenty-four hour funding for AMEX transactions just as with Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Equestrian Payment Solutions also offers special rates for any non-profit.

Whether it is for shopping carts, websites or software programs that are often used within the horse industry, Schwartz takes pride in having resources that enable her to not only be a low cost provider, but also offer a number of integrated solutions.

“I think that there is a desire for equestrians and equestrian business to do more electronically. And Equestrian Payment Solutions has the ability to help. Which not only means accepting electronic payments either by direct debit or paying by credit card but also recurring billing for professional‘s customers and a way for exhibitors to both enter and check out online.”

Schwartz further explained, “I’m integrated with a number of horse show management software providers and am continuing to bring others on board. I am also looking at integrations with some of the barn/stable management software providers. It’s a win-win.”

Equestrian Payment Solutions already has an impressive roster of clients, including Horse Shows in the Sun, Equestrian Sport Productions, Green Mountain Horse Association, Pebble Beach Equestrian Center and Murieta Equestrian Center.

For more information on Equestrian Payment Solutions, please visit www.payequest.com  or contact Robin at 301-674-7600 or robin@payequest.com

More About Robin Wertlieb Schwartz

Schwartz rode as an amateur, showing in the hunters with top professionals Jimmy Piehler, Scott Williamson and Patty Foster. Several of her top amateur horses were Pay it Forward, Madison Avenue and Batman. Now married with children, Robin has put her riding boots aside to raise her family and focus on her latest professional venture.

Although she isn’t in the saddle, she enjoys the opportunity to be involved in the industry through her work with Equestrian Payment Solutions. Based in Chicago, Schwartz seeks to continue to broaden her base of clients nationally.