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EquidGel® is a unique liquid based feeding system which holds onto water allowing it to pass further into the hind gut therefore providing the horse with good quality nutrition and hydration which last all day.
This complete feed is 85% fibre based which helps provide the horse with everything it needs, in the most natural way possible. EquidGel® is absolutely prefect for high end performance horses as it has one of the highest DE value on the market today, all without a single flake of grain.
The saying ‘you can lead your horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’ has been around for the best part of 800 years. This revolutionary fibre feed can not only be used day-to-day but it is being used all over the world to quench thirst, allowing horse owners peace of mind when travelling and competing.EquidGel elite equestrian lifestyle magazine #eliteequestrian

Mission statement 

“To provide a system which will help to improve the life of equines young and old, to improve the welfare of all equines in what ever discipline or work they are engaged in across the globe”.

Inventor Profile 

Sandra Murphy graduated from University of Lincoln with a 2:1 BSc (Hons) Equine Sports Science Degree and is the Senior Nutritionist at Equidiet (UK) Ltd; however she has been working with horses throughout her life. She started riding at 7 years old and has owned, trained and bred horses for 40 years. She vowed she would find a solution to an incident which occurred 27 years ago when her horse suffered severe dehydration. Sandra said “there was nothing around at the time that I could give him apart from a bran mash, however it was difficult to administer as he would not drink or eat anything, so the vet had to tube him and put him on a drip, which was very distressing for both of us”. After years of trials she finally found the answer.  In 2014 Sandra came up with a way of suspending nutrients within a gel retaining water to be made available to the horse through its hindgut reservoir. EquidGel® was that solution, literally!

Company ProfileEquidGel elite equestrian lifestyle magazine #eliteequestrian

Equidiet (UK) Ltd was formed in 2014 by company director Sandra Murphy after the launch of EquidGel® at British Equine Veterinary Association Congress in September 2014, to support the growth of EquidGel®  and its range of products. All EquidGel® ingredients are fully traceable and FEMAS registered. More recently the company has improved sales by increasing the our export activity working alongside the Department of International trade formally UKTI .  With the GB patent pending and an International PCT in place Equidiet (UK) Ltd is now exporting its range of products to countries with hot, humid and arid conditions as it is specifically designed to provide hydration on demand.

Product  Summary 

EquidGel® is complete forage based feed providing nutrition and hydration delivered simultaneously to equines. EquidGel® has a water holding capacity many times its weight and it gradually releases water to the horse in such a way as to provide continuous hydration throughout the gastrointestinal tract and to increase the volume of the gastrointestinal reservoir. This increased volume enables the horse to draw upon it in times of heat or exertion stress.

EquidGel® Product Background 

EquidGel® has many applications such as providing daily high fibre, low starch, high energy nutrition, increasing hydration status for horses, supporting the gut health of performance horses, those travelling long distances, pregnant mares, young or old animal and those with metabolic disorders and also animals with compromised dentition. This highly palatable, hydrating solution is proving to be very beneficial to horses in all fields and areas within the equine industry and as a clinical nutritional management system.

Providing hydration to the hindgut of equines on demand is something that has been problematic throughout all discipline in the equine industry, therefore being able to increase the volume of the gastrointestinal reservoir has always been something most nutritionist strive to achieve to reduce the effects of dehydration and allow increased performance. Across the world horses live, work and travel in ambient temperatures of over 25ºC and horses such as racehorses, endurance horses and horses that have to work for existence are expected to perform strenuous exercise which depletes body fluid and other nutrients. Apart from offering the horse water, there is currently no method of providing a horse with hydration and nutrition simultaneously on demand.

The saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” is almost certainly true in many cases with detrimental effects to the horse if they are not adequately hydrated within 6 hours according to current research. However, now you can… EquidGel® relies on the horse’s instinct to forage rather than its thirst mechanism. Therefore water can be administered even if the horse is not thirsty, by making it believe that the water in his bucket is actually a feed. EquidGel elite equestrian lifestyle magazine #eliteequestrian

Nutritionally, the high-quality protein provides all the essential amino acids required for protein synthesis, making it a complete protein source for growth and repair as well as good levels of Vitamin E to support muscle function. EquidGel® produces a plentiful water source which can be utilised to replenish the body’s interstitial fluid reducing dehydration. EquidGel® is also an abundant source of chlorophyll which is lacking in the diet of most stabled horses. Chlorophyll has numerous properties, however it mainly maintains and balances the digestive system, keeping it clean and healthy.

Formulations using EquidGel® have many applications such as delivering hydration and nutrition to animals that live and work in hot climates, horses travelling long distances, performance horses, pregnant mares, young or old animal and those with metabolic disorders and also animals with compromised dentition and metabolic disorders.  EquidGel® is proving to be very beneficial to horses in all fields and areas within the equine industry and is becoming especially popular with Equine Welfare Managers and Veterinary Surgeons as well as Horse Transporters, Stud Farm Owners and Breeders.