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Getting Started

You will need the following tools for easy installation:
– Shovel and dirt rake for leveling
– Power drill
– Utility knife (with new blade)
Step 1: Prep Stall AreaGGT STALL-EZ
• We recommend you create a firm base of crushed rock (e.g. decomposed granite).
• Dig a “leach pit” the desired area, then fill it with gravel and level…
Step 2: Stall Skins placement
• Unroll the GGT Stall-EZ.
• If you have wooden walls in your stall, simply stretch out your Stall-EZ, and run excess fabric up the wall and attach directly to the wall with molding and screws.
• Using a power drill, place screws at an angle and screw molding through the material and into the wooden frame. Screws should be placed at an angle to keep the molding tight.
• To secure Stall-EZ in doorway place 2×4 treated lumber across the threshold and attach molding to lumber with screws provided.
Step 3: Trim
• Remove any excess material with a razor blade or utility knife.
Step 4: Install Ample Bedding
• It is imperative that you install deep bedding on your new Stall-EZ.
• Use ten, 8 cubic foot bags of shavings to bed your 12’x12′ stall.
• Add shavings daily to maintain a depth of 8-10 inches. (we use 3 to 4 inches – this is what we find it BEST)
• To guarantee the long life of your Stall-EZ always use deep bedding.
Helpful Hints
• Poor draining soil will benefit from a leaching system
• Place screws on an angle when drilling through the material into the wall.
• Use floor molding to hold material in place. We suggest some cheap trim size of 1 x 4 or 1 x 3 some type of pine.
• To prevent harsh ammonia odors, push bedding aside and allow to air out.
• Use deep bedding if you want to prologue the life of your Stall-EZ, especially in doorways or under feeders.
• Plastic pitch forks will not poke holes in the fabric.
• For a fresh scent occasionally, mix Pinesol and water in a 1.5 liter container and squirt over leach pit to disinfect and deodorize.
What is my savings if I purchase Stall-EZ?
First: Your savings is by buying the material only.
Second: The thrifty local purchase or acquisition of the molding/base board for attaching Stall-EZ.
Third: Your savings on bedding! PLUS labor! As this mat has the best performing drainage mat on the market, which means that you will save, save, SAVE on bedding, starting the DAY you install your Stall-EZ.
Fourth is the life of your Stall-EZ, as this material has proven durability with over 15 years of use.

That is all:

The bare necessity needed for Maximum Performance. So what are you waiting for? Call 864-804-0212 or email now for sample, with questions or to place an order!

Stall-EZ comes 15 feet wide, which allows for material to be folded up on each side of the stall wall. The table below is how many feet you will need for your stall size.
A 12 x 12 Stall order 12 x 13 feet – $118.00
A 12 x 14 Stall order 12 x 15 feet – $144.00
A 12 x 16 Stall order 12 x 17 feet – $170.00
A 12 x 18 Stall order 12 x 19 feet – $196.00
A 12 x 20 Stall order 12 x 21 feet – $222.00
A 12 x 24 Stall order 12 x 25 feet – $274.00
For other custom lengths pricing is 1.00 per foot

Shipping not included in price: That cost will be the raw cost of delivery to your location. Product ships from Spartanburg, S.C.


REX GOSNELL (864) 804-0212 
GGT Footing, the Equestrian Division of Polysols Inc.