Graduates Saddle Up For a New Challenge:

Graduates Saddle Up For a New Challenge:

Graduates Saddle Up For a New Challenge:

Horse Quencher® cheers alumni champions.

June 2, 2013, Long Valley, NJ — If you enjoy riding and competing on a collegiate equestrian team, and then you graduate from college, what do you do? You compete in the Alumni Tournament of Champions, of course.

Thirty-seven alumni riders from ten states met last Sunday at the Centenary College Equestrian Center in Long Valley, NJ, for an event hosted by two Alumni representatives of the IHSA, the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. They competed in five flat and fence classes until Heather Johnson, of Post University, was declared the Alumni Cup Winner.Graduates Saddle Up For a New Challenge:

Then, because nothing celebrates a college victory like a round of drinks, you bring out the water buckets. You know that saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”? There’s a reason for that saying: it’s extraordinarily difficult to convince a horse to drink when you give it water. Sometimes they will, almost always they won’t, until they’re mysteriously ready.

So it was with stunned surprise that alumni watched during the lunch break while Centenary horses Buddy and Legacy, who had never tried Horse Quencher, slurped their buckets down immediately after it was added to their water.

Alumni Flat Champion Kim Dixon thought it was “a fantastic demo” and Kelly Williams, a Rutgers Alumna exclaimed: “Those Centenary horses showed me how appealing and effective Horse Quencher is. I’m definitely going to pass this information on to my trainer.”

Nancy and David Issenman, CEO and president of Horse Quencher, donated HQ travel packs and t-shirts as prizes for the afternoon classes.

As samples of Horse Quencher were passed among the riders, some actually tasted it and commented on its sweet and salty flavor. “Better than the greasy lunch truck!” quipped one alumna, as she prepared for her afternoon competition.

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