December 7, 2022

Happy Horses: The Importance of Routine

Equsani Inc Westlake Village, CA #equsani #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

Happy Horses: The Importance of Routine

Horses are creatures of habit.

We find ourselves in uncharted territory these days. The unknown has caused us anxiety about our future, both physically and financially. For us horse people we have to think about the welfare of our beloved four legged family as well. Perhaps this is the perfect time to evaluate our horse program, and find more effective ways to keep our horses in good health while also saving us from costly drugs and vet bills.Equsani Inc Westlake Village, CA #equsani #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

Numerous studies have shown that horses thrive on a regular and consistent routine for their exercise and feeding schedule. While it may not be a big deal for you to miss a meal or miss your supplements one day, these seemingly minor changes for your horse can have an adverse affect on their well-being.

Consistency and careful management is important when combating or better yet, preventing ulcers and other health problems. A regimented feed and supplement schedule can help buffer stomach acid, which in turn can help prevent ulcers. Streamlining your supplement and feed plan will also give you peace of mind.

By keeping a strict routine, especially during these stressful times, you and your horse will be prepared for the first horse show once our community gets back to normal. We have had great success stories from our customers who use either or both of our 2 core products X-Fit and Gastropower.

These products, used on a regular basis, have proven to not only benefit our customers’ horses’ gut health, stamina, coat, muscle tone, and recovery time, they have also saved them money on costly drugs and other complications involving ulcers, weight or anxiety issues.Equsani Inc Westlake Village, CA #equsani #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

After all, happy horses are healthy horses, and it is our job to ensure that they have everything they need when it comes to their health. Check out our website to find out about how are products can benefit you and your horse. And of course stay safe and healthy!

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Equsani Inc Westlake Village, CA #equsani #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine