Healthy Horse Boutique Named as StemPhase California Distributor

Healthy Horse Boutique Named as

Healthy Horse Boutique Named as StemPhase California Distributor

Marian Nilsen, owner of Healthy Horse Boutique, a one stop shop for healthy food for horses, has recently added a new company to her line-up of tried and tested products. StemPhase Biomedical Ltd.Healthy Horse Boutique Named as

The StemPhase program is a clinically proven breakthrough technology that is geared towards restoring soundness in horses and canines through the use of stem cell fluid. The biomedical therapy program is all natural, does not test and is drug free.

What’s good about this program is that the fluid is an easy to administer injection given under the skin. It is supported by nutrient specific oral supplements which help “prep” the horse for increased absorption and continued healing.

Since this is not about administering stem cells but rather the stem cell fluid, the associated costs are less and the survival rate of cellular fluid at the injury site is longer than that of actual stem cells. It has also been proven that prolonged exposure of injured tissue to cellular fluid supports stronger and faster recoveries.

Marian was able to test StemPhase on her own horses by taking part in the early trials.

“I had a horse suffer a catastrophic injury. After following my vets protocol for two years (surgery, stem cells, Shock wave, PRP, hand walk regime, etc) my horse was a grade 2+ lame. When the vet suggested more of the same, I decided to be part of the pre-clinical trial StemPhase was doing. Two Months later my horse was sound enough to have a rider ‘tack walk’ him. By month three he was trotting. It took some time to get basic fitness after such a long layup but he has remained sound and is now ridden five or six times a week. I think StemPhase worked so well for my horse because it treated him as a whole. It doesn’t just treat the injured site but it helps systemically to fix the ENTIRE body and the supplement program supports him on a daily basis to continue the healing,” Marian explained.Healthy Horse Boutique Named as

While Marian has this example of her own, others have used the StemPhase technology for many things including: Arthritis; Joint Deterioration and Skeletal Disorders; Soft Connective Tissue Injuries; Lumbar Spine Problems and Neck Injuries; Tendon, Suspensory and Ligament Injuries; Navicular, Ring and Side Bone Disease and Post-Operative.

“I only carry products in my Healthy Horse Boutique online store that I have tried and have seen proven results from. I’ve tested many of the StemPhase products and I use them because they work,” concluded Marian. “Naturally once I saw that these products are not only all natural but really work I made the decision to join StemPhase as its exclusive California distributor.”

For more information email  or call Marian Nilsen 970-309-4223. To order products from Healthy Horse Boutique, including the StemPhase line visit the Healthy Horse Boutique web site at . Feel free to contact Marian as she is happy to help guide you every step of the way to ensure that you are properly administering any of the products you purchase from her online store.