HITS Ocala Introduces Young Jumper Development Program

HITS Ocala Introduces Young Jumper Development Program

HITS LLC is proud to introduce an innovative new program to encourage and enhance the development of Young Jumpers competing at the HITS Ocala Winter Circuit in 2023. While Young Jumper 5-, 6- and 7-Year Old Jumper Classes are already offered with a free entry fee, this new program will be open to any horses 7-years of age and under to compete in up to four “open” classes at .65m-1.30m with no entry fee!

This new program is open to Young Jumpers 7 years of age and under, ridden by professionals or amateurs, and will allow riders and trainers to choose what height, what days, and in what rings their Young Jumpers compete, thus allowing flexibility and affordability in developing the horses of tomorrow.

At HITS, we put the horses first, and we believe in providing the best possible introduction to showing,” said Chief Customer Officer Joe Norick. “We know that there are some 6-year-old Jumpers that may not be ready for the division height or need to go between heights to continue to gain a positive experience. We want to continue to see young jumpers produced in the United States, and we want to offer a program that makes that as affordable and flexible as possible.”

Whether your horse is the future Children’s/Adult Jumper Champion at the Marshall & Sterling Insurance League Finals, or destined to be the Olympic Champion in Paris, Milan or Los Angeles, the HITS Young Jumper Program supports the horses in training, and the riders, owners and people who care for them. Here’s to the Champions of Tomorrow!

For more information about the program please check the prize list, or you can submit entries and stall requests online!

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