Hoof Pro Editorial

Hoof Pro Editorial

My name is Richard Armentrout. I have been a farrier for approx 15 years.  I implemented EquiPulse PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy  into my enterprise nearly 3 years ago after receiving a 10 minute session at the International Hoof Care Summit. I experienced 100% pain relief from bulging discs.  This therapeutic modality had such a profound effect on my personal health I knew that providing it for my client’s horses would be beneficial and change my business model for the better.


Today, PEMF devices differ from just placing a magnet on the tissue. PEMF systems are composed of loops of copper wire, through which a current of electrical energy is delivered. The current is turned on and off a number of times per second, surging through the loop. The magnetic field expands around the loop, and then collapses, expands and collapses again with each pulse of current. One of the benefits of PEMF versus static magnets is that the fields are typically much larger, so you do not have to place the PEMF loop precisely on the area needing therapy. Given the correct amount of current and the optimum number of loop windings, the loops for a high-powered PEMF device can emit a measurable PEMF field up to 18 inches from the surface of the loop. 


Over the last several years, the equine industry has seen the introduction of High-Powered PEMF systems into race tracks, eventing facilities, stables and barns. Using specially designed delivery loops a technician targets known problem areas like joints and major muscle groups on the horse.  For most equine athletes, after short treatments over several days, owners and trainers can generally see and feel an improvement in the way the horse moves.

PEMF Therapy provides beneficial outcomes on equine tendon and ligament injury, sore backs, sore stifles, chronic hock soreness, sore shoulders, non-union fractures, laminitis, stone bruises, and non-healing wounds. 

The question arises “Can humans be successfully treated with this same device?” Yes, they can. It is not unusual to find owners of High-Powered PEMF devices treating themselves, family members and friends. Today, almost everyone has heard of using PEMF therapy. 


Treatment goals are to restore normal motion and neurological firing patterns to the affected spinal joints, release adjacent tight and unbalanced muscles, break up scar tissue and adhesions, disperse lactic acid and other metabolic waste products. High-Powered PEMF technology is used to facilitate rapid removal of waste products from the treated tissues and draw in new blood flow, nutrients and oxygen. The PEMF also enhances circulation of synovial fluid through joint capsules that have been mobilized. EquiPulse PEMF Therapy is a proven modality that helps improve chronic inflammatory conditions and helps the body heal faster, without drugs.


Treatments typically last 30 minutes, and are not stressful; rather they are calming and relaxing. When placed on a horse, the horse visibly and sensitively reacts to the large magnetic field charge. The technician holds the loop on or over area of the body of the horse.  The PEMF delivery loops are brought closer until they are in contact with the horse. Intensity is increased or decreased generally based upon the comfort level and response of the horse . The loops may be placed in a position of straddling the lower cervical muscles on one side of the neck. After approximately one minute, the loops are switched to the other side of the horse’s neck. This continues for 8-10 minutes, then a large loop is used for the middle and lower back, hips, and gluteal regions. The intensity is set to where the back muscles visibly pulsate when the loop is about 1-2 cm above the surface. The loop can also be moved closer or further away during treatment to vary the intensity. About 1-2 minutes can be spent over the lumbar region, then move up to the saddle region for 1-2 minutes varying the position slowly from upper to lower thoracic.

Then the loop is moved back to the lumbar and hip region where it is moved over the gluteal muscles first on one side, then the other. 1-2 minutes spent over each region should amount to about 10 minutes total for areas covered with the large loop. 2-4 treatments are recommended (all therapies combined with PEMF) spaced over 1-2 weeks depending on the case, gradually increasing time between treatments until the horse reaches a point of maximum improvement. Regular weekly treatments are recommended for competitive horses. 


Thousands of university level case studies exist about the use of PEMF on hundreds of indications, from arthritis to edema to neuropathy on humans. High-Powered PEMF devices were developed under the theory that if a weak PEMF field has benefit, then a very large PEMF field will generally yield a faster and much better result. 


As a Farrier,  I can apply shoes to provide mechanical support, protection, and corrective applications and as a PEMF technician I can also provide a therapeutic modality to increase healing.  The radiographs below are of a founder case that was left untreated for 2 years before intervention.  This resulted in bone loss resulting in a chronic type II diagnosis.  With correct shoeing and weekly Hoof Pro PEMF sessions there was a significant increase in sole depth. Another chronic laminitis case showed reduced heat in the foot just 20 minutes after a ten minute Hoof Pro PEMF session. 

Here is a photo of a horse with a known knee issue that was experiencing some joint mobility issues. The horse also showed signs of a hoof abscess.  Having PEMF available as an option, and vet recommended,  the Hoof Pro  provided a solution to help resolve the abscess more quickly and make the horse more comfortable for shoeing.  

This horse was having SI and hip discomfort.   The ability to provide an EquiPulse PEMF session to increase the horse’s comfort level makes a Farrier’s  job so much easier.  Farriers can improve cases with: navicular, laminitis, abscesses, hoof avulsions, joint pain, tendon issues and general muscle soreness!!  Happy horse, happy owner and happy Farrier.  


For the past three years I have been utilizing PEMF therapy in my Farrier practice.  Providing EquiPulse PEMF sessions has completely transformed the way I do business, and know it will help my fellow farriers do the same.  I have had the pleasure of helping horses improve from navicular issues , laminitis , abscesses , tendon tears , hock and stifle issues  and general muscle soreness.  Learning early on in my career, horses that are difficult to work on generally are not behavioral issues but most commonly a response to pain.  Being sensitive to these queues and having the EquiPulse PEMF modality available has not only improved my client’s horses well being but has made my job so much easier.  


More and more horse owners are hearing about the amazing results of this therapeutic modality and are asking specifically for it.  More vets are recommending it and even utilizing it on their clinics.   There is definitely a paradigm shift in the equine world moving more to natural and holistic alternatives to traditional medicine.  It’s a great time to reconsider your business model by  including this non-invasive healing modality to your toolbox and to your enterprise’s success!! 

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