January 20, 2021

Horse, Dream and Poetry, the summer show

Horse, Dream and Poetry, the summer show

Horse, Dream and Poetry, the summer show 

From July 12th to August 16th 2015

During the summer, Kavallisté, whose success is now obtained, leaves room under the dome of the Grand Stables for Horse, Dream and Poetry.Horse, Dream and Poetry, the summer show Horse, Dream and Poetry, the summer show

This show is a cover of equestrian acts from the directory that made the success of previous productions. But for this 2015 summer season, Sophie Bienaimé wished to return to a show whose numbers had not been revived for a long time, Polo Tango: « It will be a recovery of few numbers that were particularly significant to us, such as the Polo, the Argentine carousel or the Tango duet by a couple, thanks to the presence of Benjamin Grain, acrobat, but for that moment who will become an equirry, as he is an excellent rider too, ensure the artistic and equestrian director of the Grand Stables. Horse, Dream and Poetry will be essentially a journey (we will leave Argentina for Spain or Russia), but not only as we also revive numbers from our classical repertoire such as Arlequin, the Ball, or the Mirror. The staging will be refined and the equestrian acts more sophisticated, in particular in Haute Ecole and dressage in liberty ». Horse, Dream and Poetry is composed of a sequence of acts with sumptuous costumes designed by Monika Mucha, who had contributed to the success of different shows. Benjamin Grain, acrobat artist, will accompany this beautiful journey with his three spectacular Trait horses.Horse, Dream and Poetry, the summer show

Horse, Dreams and Poetry is above all a best of the best numbers created by Sophie Bienaimé and her “Chantilly horsewomen” since… a long time. Sophie explains that, it will be built and staged for a large audience: family and international.