Hutto Wood Products – The new MINI

Hutto Wood Products – New Product The new MINI

Hutto Wood Products, of Aiken, South Carolina, has recently unveiled the HWP MINI. This breakthrough development is by far the most affordable shaving mill on the market, offering operations of all sizes the ability to manufacture high profit shavings without breaking the bank. The MINI series holds its own in production, by putting out 3-5 yards/hour. Don’t let the name fool you, the MINI still processesHutto Wood Products – The new MINI anything under 16”, shredding it with 3 knives and features a 30” box along with a 22HP Honda Engine, also available with optional electric power. The main aspect, it’s completely hands free, fully automated with a self-contained hydraulic system. You simply unload it on your yard, turn the mill on, it’s ready to go – just add wood. Whether you are running a small sawmill, a horse barn, or looking for a cost effective new way to process excess scrap wood into a totally new profit center, the Hutto MINI was designed for you.

Patrick Hutto