Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Turns Horse’s Fate Around

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Turns Horse’s Fate Around

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Turns Horse’s Fate Around 

Quarter Horse Owner Attributes Full Recovery to Treatment Received at The Sanctuary

Ocala, FL (July 17, 2013) – Barbara Green had something extra special to smile about when she had her photo taken atop her beloved Quarter Horse mare, Samantha, at the American Quarter Horse Region 10 Championships in Jacksonville, Florida. “This picture would not have been possible without The Sanctuary!” she stated. “My vet and I agree that Samantha’s wound would have never healed without the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber at The Sanctuary,” she said about the horse, “and I wouldn’t have her here today otherwise.”

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Turns Horse’s Fate Around
Barbara Green and her mare, Unzip My Assets, aka Samantha. (Photo courtesy of Harold Campton)

Green attributes her mare’s full recovery from an injury and subsequent infection to the wise decision made by her vet to take the horse to The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Center in Ocala, Florida for treatment. Green explains that in 2011, while she was at work, her horse, Samantha (whose registered name is Unzip My Assets), wedged her hoof between the stall door and the barn wall, and was stuck there all day. The result was a very serious wound that required surgery. “It looked okay, at first, when the vet came out,” she described, “but then it became infected, and the wound just didn’t want to heal. He had to operate and chip off some bone, but still the wound would not heal. It would start to heal, and then regress. He thought she was going to die.” Green said her vet, Dr. Shane Files, made the decision to take Samantha to The Sanctuary and use the Equine Hyperbaric Chamber. “She was there for 2 or 3 weeks, and it was amazing!” Green smiled. Samantha now has made a full recovery, and Green is proudly showing her in Quarter Horse shows in Hunter Under Saddle Classes.

More and more horsemen and women from all disciplines are quickly recognizing The Sanctuary as the finest, most comprehensive facility of its kind in the world. “Our goal, first and foremost, is to send every horse home in the best condition possible as well as physically and mentally sound,” explains Brenda McDuffee, General Manager at The Sanctuary. “The Sanctuary’s therapies are very similar to what professional human athletes undergo during training and competition, and we are happy to bring that level of care and technology to all of the equines we treat, from Olympic athletes to world champions to competitors at all levels.” Green’s horse, Samantha benefitted greatly from the Equine Hyperbaric Chamber. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a procedure that delivers increased amounts of oxygen to diseased or injured tissues. It is currently one of the most powerful tools available as an adjunctive form of therapy, and in some cases, it works well as the primary therapy for horses. Oxygen is delivered to the patient under pressure; the procedure concentrates the oxygen available in the air breathed by the horse, which allows more oxygen to be dissolved into the blood plasma and delivered to the injured or diseased tissues. The Equine Hyperbaric Chamber is box stall type for freedom of movement while therapy is administered while receiving treatment at The Sanctuary’s main campus.

The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Center’s main campus is located in Ocala, Florida. The 30-acre, state-of-the-art facility is a multi-million dollar rehabilitation and conditioning facility that features the most advanced conditioning and rehab equipment available in the world today. The Cold Saltwater Leg Spa, a favorite among equestrian competitors, is the ideal treatment for legs. The 35-degree turbulated saltwater eliminates pain, reduces swelling and inflammation, removes heat, increases circulation, relieves sore feet and speeds healing. The Sanctuary also offers many other amenities such as an Aqua Pacer Water Treadmill – the safest, most effective water treadmill available, a 110 foot long, 14 foot deep inline equine swimming pool with therapeutic water , a 5/8 mile race track, two Eurocisers with therapeutic tracking surface – one under cover and one outdoors, Solariums, and Temperature-controlled veterinary inspection area with semi-surgical lighting, and rubberized surfaces in most areas.

According to the veterinarians, trainers, and owners, The Sanctuary meets and exceeds their highest expectations. Tim Lynch, DVM, DACVS at Peterson and Smith Equine Hospital, a practice involving 24 veterinarians, in Ocala, confirms, “The staff is top notch. They communicate well and involve everyone. I feel very confident sending horses there.”

For more information on the Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Center or to inquire about having the Sanctuary mobile unit at your event, visit www.sanctuaryequinerehab.com.

Photo: Barbara Green and her mare, Unzip My Assets, aka Samantha. (Photo courtesy of Harold Campton)

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