November 28, 2022

It Happens: It’s A Cinch

It Happens: It’s A Cinch

“It happens” is nothing new. Just ask these two longtime friends.

Luis ‘Lou’ Reteguez-Denizard, of Delante (Puerto Rican for “come on in”) Dressage in Loxahatchee, wasn’t yet a three-time Pan American Games veteran and USDF Gold medalist when he met Deb Rusden, with Thin Air Canvas, Inc. in Palm City. They were just young entrepreneurs hoping to make their way in Florida’s burgeoning equestrian world.

Lou had studied under German Grand Prix rider Gerd Reuter and was director of riding at Johnson & Wales University before opening Delante Dressage, first in 1998 in Rhode Island and, 10 years later, in Palm City, less than an hour from Wellington.

So when you want to meet your neighbors, nothing says “icebreaker” among horsemen quite like needing a girth, right? Except – maybe – borrowing a whole saddle.

“We had a group of gals that would ride together every Monday at Dupuis (Management Area,)” Deb says of the 21,875-acre multi-use area in northwest Palm Beach and southwest Martin counties where the trail riders invited the dressage horseman to, “Come on in.”

“Lou always wanted to join ‘the gals,’ so we invited him. We all had Quarter Horses or well-seasoned trail horses, and Lou shows up with this huge, gorgeous dressage horse.

“So, we’re all tacking up and Lou says, ‘Oh crap! I forgot a girth.’”

Not just any girth. An English girth, among Western riders.

“Of course no one had a girth. So I gave him a spare Western saddle to ride in and wish I had a photo of that amazing dressage horse in it!”

“As we rode,” Deb recalls, “we found that we had a common bond. We were both inventors! He had invented a training device to improve engagement in dressage horses called The HorseHugger™ and I had just invented The NibbleNet, so we had plenty to talk about.”

Lou still uses his Western saddle-sharing buddy’s NibbleNets and much like a great friendship, he’s found, “These last two to three times longer than other nets or bags. I’ve always believed in her products. For me, they’re worth every penny.”

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