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“In my equine art I try to captures the intense and alluring, natural beauty of one of the most respected and miraculous animals on Earth.

This portrayal shows horses that are emerging from chaotic, crazy, unfamiliar, abstract background that represents the world around them. Standing peacefully through a restless night they can feel each other, breath and hear their hearts bit. I believe this is the time of magic when they communicate in the silent language we people cannot understand. It’s so precious and breathtaking; they are afraid to break it, to lie down and fall to sleep. They tell stories and legends about their feelings, their lives and the mysterious word around them. They are not noisy talkers or perhaps they don’t want to disturb the quiet, peaceful and precious time they have, so, they just whisper to each other in the language that only horses understand.Iwona Jankowski

But, if you look in their trustful eyes, you can see they want to connect with us and are always as a vivid shadow that needs to be close, to follow and to please, and blindly don’t expect anything in return – just hopes for love and simple friendship to survive through the chaos. The amazing creatures enjoy contact with people. They trust us. They will use all the skills and body powers to perform, to be the best they can be, to please people and forget about limitations and pain – and, I know they always will…” Iwona Jankowski
–Iwona Jankowski








About the Artist;

First works of art I have created as a child were depicted horses.

Drawing them, I thought I could feel every muscle of the horse I drew. It was far from perfect but the feeling remains.Iwona Jankowski

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in Gdynia, Poland, I’ve continued my education at the Houston Community College toward Computer Science /Computer Graphics Major. My art passion, education, broad experience, and professional carrier in graphic art helped me to broaden my art skills, and to identify as well as develop my own means of artistic expressions. In 2004 I started my full time career in fine art. Since 2008 I have received many Awards and Recognitions for my art work.

Iwona Jankowski

My “Mottled Horses” – Equine art developed since 2002/3 in my new “Mottled” style that merges abstract and expressionism with a touch of realism. The subject is created on a colorful abstract background to express feelings, often shown as a close-up, with special attention to the eyes and focusing on specific moods and composition. Often with secondary transparent image/s to show movement or specific scenario.

In my paintings, I don’t intend to replicate photo-realistic objects, but to capture the utmost uniqueness of life. Illustrating my subjects, I often pay no attention to exact shapes, textures, or real colors and emphasize just on a small fragment, sometimes a very tiny detail, in order to insinuate an idea. That approach leads me to concentrate on what I feel and not what I see or know about the subject. Also, it helps me to effectively use visuals to depict a story about my subject.  My art captures just an indication of a subject to leave the rest for my viewer’s imagination to create the unique picture.

“Mottled Horses” started a new trend in equine art, based on a new perspective and colorful, abstract foundation.

Publications and Listings;Iwona Jankowski

Work featured in several books and publications, to list just a few, including;

  • Davenport‘s,
  • Who’s Who in American Art,
  • The Artist’s Blue Book,
  • Ex Arte Equinus I Art book,
  • Ex Arte Equinus II Art book,
  • Contemporary Artists art book, Poland,
  • Horses in Art Magazine,
  • Todays’ Horse Magazine,
  • The Equinest Art Magazine,
  • EQUUS Magazine,
  • Art Horse Magazine,
  • Contemporary Paintings Magazine – “Polo in Art,”
  • The Heights Pages Magazine,
  • The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo- “Calm Hearts” painting was selected for poster image
  • A few poems inspired by my paintings written by Australian poet Kym Eitel–
    art published in “For The Love Of Horses” book,
  • TV interview – RET1SAT TV Lodz, Poland,
  • Artist’s Interview – Polish Radio Lodz, Poland, 2008,
  • Fox 26 News KRIV Houston – Featured Artist, December,
  • Kids Learning Art – TV learning program, Poland,


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