KAVAL Awarded Best Boutique at the 2022 Hampton Classic Horse Show

KAVAL Awarded Best Boutique at the 2022 Hampton Classic Horse Show

The Hampton Classic celebrates beauty and elegance everywhere on its 60-acre showgrounds, from its six spectacular competition rings to its approximately 70 vendors featured in the magnificent Agneta Currey Boutique Garden and Stable Row.

Cristina Cuomo, Editor and Founder of the Purist lifestyle and wellness magazine, brought her expertise to the Hampton Classic as one of the 2022 Boutique Contest judges. She was joined by her good friends, interior designers Laura Santos and Fernanda Niven.

“It’s such an honor and privilege to be judging booths at the Hampton Classic,” Cuomo said. “I enjoyed myself so much looking at over 70 booths with two of my friends, who have the best taste I could have thought of. We looked at each booth based on how they merchandised, displayed, and designed from head to toe, from flooring and wallpaper to cohesion and overall aesthetic. We had to sleep on it to make our final decision.”

Earning near-perfect scores on Cuomo, Santos and Niven’s judging criteria, equestrian apparel destination KAVAL was ultimately crowned the winner of the Boutique Contest. Launched in October 2017, KAVAL sees riding as more than a sport; it is a highly encompassing way of life. The new modern luxury e-commerce destination for equestrian style, KAVAL aims to deliver a combination of authentic staples and new discoveries from the best brands around the world.

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