LEG Shows & Events to Lease the Colorado Horse Park and Expand Equestrian Competitions in Colorado

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LEG Shows & Events to Lease the Colorado Horse Park and Expand Equestrian Competitions in Colorado

LEG Shows & Events is excited to announce that we have leased The Colorado Horse Park for 2021!

We are passionate about growing the hunter/jumper footprint in Colorado, and accordingly, LEG will manage nine weeks of competition at CHP. We also plan to rent the facility to other show managers to produce additional equestrian competitions.

The Langer Group has been managing horse shows for 50 years and we are proud to continue producing excellent competitions at The Colorado Horse Park. “We decided to lease the facility in order to make needed facility upgrades, including new and improved footing,” explained Marnye Langer, CFO and Managing Director of The Langer Group. “We know this is a big undertaking, and we remain committed to doing everything possible to keep the horse community going and growing in Colorado.”

Michael Stone, the President of Equestrian Sport Productions, is equally thrilled about LEG stepping in to lease the facility. “The Colorado Equestrian Partners are very pleased to continue working with the LEG Shows & Events at The Colorado Horse Park,” said Michael. “We look forward to continuing top equestrian sport at the venue and hosting safe, enjoyable events.”

Horse show manager Charlotte Robson is already gearing up for a LEGendary show season. “As we prepare for the spring series, the safety and comfort of exhibitors and their horses remain our top priority,” commented Charlotte. “As such, we will be upgrading the footing in all rings and all temporary stabling will now be under ClearSpan tents with generous aisles between stall blocks. We’re excited to be partnering with Jamaica Tent Company on these spacious tents in addition to the 375 permanent stalls available.”

The LEG Colorado Horse Shows will begin with the Colorado Spring Classic (May 20-23) and the Colorado Spring Final (May 27-30), followed by a five-week summer series and a two-week fall series. The summer series starts in mid-June and includes Summer in the Rockies II through VI. Summer in the Rockies III and V will be WCHR weeks, featuring USHJA International Hunter Derbies. We finish off the year with the two-week fall series in September. Week II of the fall shows will host the ASPCA Maclay Region 6 Finals and the LEGIS League Medal Finals. Both the summer and fall shows are also part of the Texas Super Series Group

The spring prize list will be posted this coming week and the summer prize list will be available in mid-March. We expect stalls to sell out quickly so please submit the stabling request forms early for your stall reservations. All forms will be available on our website www.langershows.com. Remember, entries must be submitted electronically either through www.horseshowsonline.com or Equestrian Connect.

We can’t wait to see your #RibbonsintheRockies, and we are excited about welcoming you to The Colorado Horse Park for a LEGendary show season! Thank you again to all of our generous sponsors who help make our events possible.

2021 LEG Colorado Shows


  • Colorado Spring Classic – National Hunter | Jumper 3 – May 20-23
  • Colorado Spring Final – National Hunter | Jumper 3 – May 27-30


  • Summer in the Rockies II – National Hunter | Jumper 4 – June 16-20
  • Summer in the Rockies III (WCHR) – National Hunter | Jumper 4 – June 23-27
  • Summer in the Rockies IV– Premier Hunter | Jumper 4 – June 30-July 4
  • Summer in the Rockies V (WCHR) – Premier Hunter | Jumper 4 – July 7-11
  • Summer in the Rockies VI – Premier Hunter | Jumper 5 – July 14-18


  • Autumn in the Rockies I– National Hunter | Jumper 3 – Sept. 8-12
  • Autumn in the Rockies II– National Hunter | Jumper 3 – Sept. 15-19

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Charlotte Robson at charrobson@langershows.com.

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