Morocco Royal Tour 2022 Gaudiano flies over the Winning Round

Morocco Royal Tour 2022 Gaudiano flies over the Winning Round 

A stage of the Morocco Royal Tour without a victory of the Italian Emanuele Gaudiano is something unthinkable. Already winner twice in Tetouan with Chaccart PS, the Italian rifleman does it again in El Jadida with Crack Balou, this time on a “big” event… and hopes not to stop there.

It was not necessary to be clear to reach this winning round where the first ten of the initial round were invited. Only five couples left the crowdy arena without dropping a single pole. Gaudiano was not one of them, which did not prevent him from winning this Prix CDG, the second most important class of the weekend and counting for the world ranking: “We had to go very fast today in this “jump-off”, my horse jumped really well and it was not easy to come out on top in this winning round. I hope that it will go as well tomorrow in the Grand Prix“, commented the Italian. Indeed, the first four of the ranking were within a little more than a second and everyone believed, at the end of the class, in the success of the Swiss Elian Bauman (Little Lumpi E), who fails to less than a second while the Belgian clan wanted to believe in the double of Bart Clarys after a first victory in the afternoon with Oscar Van Spieveld in the Prix FBP. But with Geste van de Vihta, he was one second and eleven hundredths short of worrying the Italian who, in the end, did not have to regret his fault in the first round: “It was a very technical course which explains the numerous faults, but there were not so many horses at the start which explains the small number of clear rounds and that is what allowed me to reach the second round“.

Tomorrow, the Italian and the 39 other contenders will compete in the World Cup stage, the Grand Prix His Majesty King Mohammed VI, starting at 4:00 pm and the second round at 5:30 pm local time. Here, after the victories of Abdelkebir Ouaddar in Tetouan and El Ghali Boukaa in Rabat, everyone hopes for a Moroccan hat-trick.

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