, A New Tool to Help Dressage Riders Improve Their Scores, A New Tool to Help Dressage Riders Improve Their Scores

Alamo, CA (November 21, 2012) – (MDS) is a new way for riders, owners, trainers and breeders to track show scores, as well as create their own on-line space in which to save and store all of their essential equestrian information. The launch of the exclusive on-line training tool is designed to help dressage enthusiasts improve their competitive scores like never before. Easy to use, MDS provides a place for dressage scores to be tracked and recorded down to the movement and to be uploaded to a personal account where a statistical analysis program will immediately graph and report a horse and rider’s progress over time. Many visual tools are given to show different facets of analysis, all being simple to read and easy to use. These visual tools help the equestrian see exactly what areas need more focus for improvement, as well as areas where they are strongest. The analysis works for anyone using any FEI test or national tests in the USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Columbia, Honduras, Guatemala and Brazil. Over the next three months the European countries and their national tests will be available for input and analysis., A New Tool to Help Dressage Riders Improve Their Scores (MDS) is a new way for riders, owners, trainers and breeders to track show scores, as well as create their own on-line space in which to save and store all of their essential equestrian information. (Photo courtesy of

“It’s interesting to see exactly what movements I’ve been scoring low on, and realize that those are really the easiest to improve with a just a little more focus. Often I focus on the obvious, which might take quite a long while to fix, this shows me other development areas that I didn’t really focus on, and are more realistic to fix before the next competition.” Says a dressage competitor and MDS member. “I love that it automatically gives me recommended video tutorials and exercises that are specifically for improving my low scoring movements, I can see how MDS will definitely improve my overall scores.”

Another new member, a competitive US trainer, with many clients preparing to compete in Wellington this season says, “I’m seeing that this is going to be a super tool for me to use to show my clients the scores and improvements I’m making with the horses, they can login and see the historical changes and view the suggested tutorials so they can utilize them during their own rides. It gives me something to give them, and adds new things to my toolbox too.”

The MDS program utilizes set algorithms to provide the rider with specific video tutorials, articles and diagramed schooling exercises relevant to those areas requiring more attention. The training tools are from the library of, which has content provided by many of the world’s most respected trainers and judges. Automated recommendations are based on the two lowest scores uploaded from the most recent test. All of these, as well as the original test video are readily available for review at any time during the user experience, on the dashboard while looking at movement analysis and through the member’s personal account.

Through this personal account capability, MDS also acts as a repository for each member, providing them with their own “equestrian safety deposit box.” This storage device can hold all essential equestrian information indefinitely. Items such as passports, breed certificates, x-rays, supplement labels, sales documents, contracts, photos, test and clinic videos, all may be stored and retrieved from one single place.

Lastly, the member can choose to enlist one of the MDS experts, to receive a virtual audio synched training or judging session on their uploaded video, for a second opinion or additional training.

MDS has developed key partnerships to ensure this “must have” service is available for all dressage competitors, trainers, owners and breeders. has exclusive partnerships with Equetech Clothing, a British retailer specializing in fine competition clothing; The Digital Horse, who provides animated and diagramed dressage tests;, the most robust online entry site available in the USA and Canada; Bit of Britain, trusted by top riders since 1986; and, who provides the largest Dressage only, online video training library in the world. Members of MDS will receive deep discounts and promotions not available elsewhere from these selected partners. Now, for only $13.00 per month, dressage enthusiasts can make their equestrian life a whole lot easier and more rewarding by creating a single spot for all things equestrian. Accounts can be put on “Hold” during non competition season, for a nominal fee and “Concierge” service can be requested for $16.00 per month, ensuring all scores are auto uploaded for the member in addition to any videos or documents requested by the member.

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Reisa Bonetti-Sullivan