NEW CURO Mk II Wireless Portable Diagnostic Technology

NEW CURO Mk II Wireless Portable Diagnostic Technology for Equine, Canine and Human Modalities #curo #eliteequestrian

NEW CURO Mk II Wireless Portable Diagnostic Technology for Equine, Canine and Human Modalities

 Researchers around the world since 2013 through 2021 have analyzed CURO Diagnostics, ApS’s ACOUSTIC MYOGRAPHY Instrument – The CURO Mk I & II Systems published peer reviews in several Medical Journals that can be reviewed on AMT’s website at:

The CURO is a piece of equipment which enables you to select and follow skeletal muscles and ligaments whilst physically active. You can select your own muscle / ligament groups or take advantage of the proprietary CURO App software to identify where to measure from. Together with a CURO unit you will be better able to follow and direct training, identify muscle imbalance and precisely locate muscle injuries. As well as being able to quantify improvements in actual physical performance in specific Myographic diagnostic settings, this revolutionary, totally portable, and wireless device provides the opportunity for several Medical and Veterinarian Modalities to follow precise testing results by the CURO’s proprietary ESTiTM Scoring Reports with potential for further testing, training or rehabilitation without causing injury to muscle tissues.

The all New CURO Mk II wireless unit has already become a diagnostic tool to aid in the overall diagnosis of Equine, Clinical and Canine health. The CURO recordings have been shown to be an easy non-invasive method for assessing muscle function during periods of movement and exercise, opening up new possibilities for equine, canine, clinical, sports medicine, and many forms of muscle training and rehabilitation settings— and The CURO Mk II System is already helping medical doctors and veterinarians in acoustic myography studies and testing worldwide.NEW CURO Mk II Wireless Portable Diagnostic Technology for Equine, Canine and Human Modalities #curo #eliteequestrian

The CURO Mk II System 

The CURO measurements are pain-free, non-invasive and allow you to test animal and human patients without restrictions or hindrances. Muscle activity can be followed directly on an iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet or PC in real-time during a testing session, and afterwards be transformed into a detailed ESTiTM analysis report. This is a quick technique (5 minutes to setup and get using).

CURO Analysis Recordings are made in real-time and reveal the level of balance between muscle groups, the level of performance, the degree of coordination and can even reveal early signs of fatigue.

Since the CURO system measures muscle contractions, it is more precise than other muscle systems currently on the market. It uses three parameters that the central nervous system (Motor Cortex) uses to generate force in a muscle.

The ESTiTM Score 

  • E-score – the efficiency and coordination with which a muscle is used for any given task.
  • S-score – the number of fibres recruited for any given task (signal amplitude (Volts) –spatial summation).
  • T-score – the rate with which active muscle fibres are reactivated (signal frequency (Hz)temporal summation).

Test effectively and avoid muscle injuries

With acoustic myography, as a precise medical tool, the evaluation of performance and the attainment of frequent testing goals for Equine – Clinical – Canine Modalities is now possible.

  • Force production in muscles has been shown to be closely correlated with the CURO analysis parameters T‐ and S‐score, hence these two values can be used to assess improvements in muscle strength.
  • The balance score between muscles can be used to help animals and humans train symmetrically and avoid imbalance injuries.
  • Muscle recordings can be used to assess early signs of fatigue under testing and training and prevent injury with associated loss of competition time.

The word CURO means “I CARE” and was chosen as a name for this technology since it allows us to care for the way we train and rehabilitate humans, horses and dogs.

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About Advanced Myographic Technologies and CURO Diagnostics, ApS

Founded by Dr. Adrian P. Harrison, PhD in 2011, who recently contracted AMT as its exclusive distributor for CURO Diagnostics, is the creator of the world’s most advanced portable, wireless, whole-body skeletal muscular testing system. CURO Diagnostics’ mission is to enable universal access to superior medical acoustic diagnostic technology by using sensitive sensors to measure the pressure waves that skeletal muscles generate when they are active, and part of that mission is to enable the testing of every animal and human at each veterinary and human medical visit. Through its patented proprietary CURO App and ESTiTM Score technology, AMT and CURO Diagnostics is paving the way for earlier detection and remote management of health conditions around the world. The all NEW CURO Mk II System can be purchased online by all approved practitioners worldwide at the AMT website store or by contacting sales.

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