New Dressage Bridles

Chagrin Falls, OH – An innovative dressage bridle that converts from a double bridle to a snaffle bridle in under a minute is not only giving dressage riders a competitive edge but is also giving them something to rave about. The Joseph Sterling Conversion Dressage Bridle is endorsed and used by dressage riders Tuny Page, Charlotte Bayley, Reese Koffler Stanfield, and Caroline Roffman, to name a few, and is one of many new innovative products available for dressage riders from Schneiders Saddlery.

“I love the ease and reliability of this bridle, and every little thing counts when you are competing. My horses are comfortable in the Joseph Sterling Conversion Bridle and their comfort enhances their performance and gives me a competitive edge,” Page said. “Schneider’s innovation is remarkable, from their patented Fold Away Flash loop to the fact that they offer a Petite Dressage Bridle for smaller horses and horses with more delicate heads.”

One of the Schneiders bridles was voted the top new innovation in the tack and saddlery category at the 2010 British Equestrian Trade Association International Trade Fair, guided by an expert panel of judges included internationally acclaimed riders Tina Cook, Steph Croxford and Jane Holderness Roddam.

“The bridle offers easy exchange from the double to snaffle and the quality is very good. All my horses and students use them and are very satisfied,” Bayley said. The simple steps for converting from a Double Bridle to a Snaffle Bridle are: 1) Remove the Weymouth cheeks and replace with the double adjustable caveson. 2) Pull the overhead caveson strap out of the crown channel. 3) Optional: Fold out the Flash Holder loop which is sandwiched between the caveson and the padding. 4) Attach the Flash strap. Follow these steps in reverse to convert to Double Bridle. It is that simple!

“In addition to all the fabulous features of the conversion bridle, Schneider’s also has a Joseph Sterling Petite Dressage Bridle which is perfect for horses with a more refined head,” Page said. The bridle offers elegant narrower leather around the head and face with a 7/8” padded browband, a 1” padded crank caveson with the patented Fold-Away Flash, and 5/8” leather reins.

Since their founding in 1948, Schneiders has satisfied millions of customers worldwide by providing the largest and most up-to-date selection of products specifically designed for the needs of riders in all disciplines. Schneiders has been responsible for the development of over 200 creative products, some unique enough to be granted patents. As a family owned company, Schneiders is dedicated to value, product quality, innovation, customer service and a love and commitment to the equestrian industry. For more information, visit their website at