New material and new finish for the S2 Safety First stirrups

S2 Safety First stirrups elite equestrian magazine #equestrian #eliteequestrian

New material and new finish for the S2 Safety First stirrups

Safe Riding, a brand exclusively owned by Tenuta Montemagno Horses, presents an update of S2 Safety First at Fieracavalli (Verona, 7 – 10 November 2019, HALL7 – Stand5), the stirrups designed for women riders. New material for the structure and new finish, designed to make the bracket even more attractive and performing, always keeping the 3 objectives of the product at the centre: safety, comfort and style.S2 Safety First stirrups elite equestrian magazine #equestrian #eliteequestrian

Made of a new magnesium and aluminum alloy, the stirrup ensures high resistance and lightness to the use. The ride is thus more pleasant and safe even in conditions of strong dynamic stress. The chrome finish adds a special shine and greater resistance to the surfaces of the product.

The new version of the S2 Safety First bracket will be officially presented in three new and different colours: Silver Chrome, Santorini Black and Satin Copper.

The safety of the Safe Riding brackets is total, certified and covered by internationally registered patents. The frame opens in every direction at 90 °, allowing the immediate release of the riders’ foot in the event of a fall.

Comfort is guaranteed by the cushioned tread, which comes with a gripping system ensuring any shock absorption. S2 Safety First has been designed with a 45° curvature, to ensure greater comfort for the horse and optimal posture for the rider.

An essential yet refined design and extensive cover customisation make the new S2 Safety First stirrup the ideal solution for female riders with a keen eye for aesthetic as well as technical aspects.S2 Safety First stirrups elite equestrian magazine #equestrian #eliteequestrian

Elegance and style are ensured by covers that can be changed easily and at any time, to best express one’s personality.

Four different cover lines allow you to express infinite shades of personality.

  • Contemporary, for an attractive play on colour
  • Flags, to represent the rider and its country
  • Premium, for meticulous attention to detail
  • Luxury, for a truly unique style

Safe Riding

Safe Riding, a brand owned exclusively by Tenuta Montemagno Horses, stems from the founders’ horse breeding expertise and their passion for riding. This all-Italian company sets out to ensure riders worldwide a safe, comfortable and elegant ride.

In 2016, Safe Riding launched its first solution, the S1 Safety First stirrup, conceived and designed by riders for riders. This innovative system, designed entirely in Italy, combines safety, comfort, elegance and countless customisation possibilities.

Safe Riding has been an official sponsor of FISE, the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports, since 2018.

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