December 2, 2022

Nitric Oxide – How The “Mighty Molecule” Can Help Your Horse

Nitric Oxide – How The “Mighty Molecule” Can Help Your Horse

Nitric Oxide – How The “Mighty Molecule” Can Help Your Horse

If you ask anyone- whether they’re casual riders or experienced trainers- what the basic needs of horses are, the answers you’ll get will likely be the same. Food, water, a safe pasture, and exercise are among these needs. Often overlooked, however, is the importance of basic nutrition. The body requires the proper amounts of vitamins, Nitric Oxide – How The “Mighty Molecule” Can Help Your Horse  minerals and amino acids to synthesize a compound called Nitric Oxide. This very important signaling molecule is a powerful antioxidant. It widens blood vessels improving flow to the tissues, organs and muscles. By widening the vessels it improves blood circulation throughout the whole body. Nitric oxide also works as an anti-inflammatory. This molecule is used by the body to repair cells, defend cells and maintain cells. It doesn’t matter what cell it is, the body uses nitric oxide to keep it healthy. This applies not only to horses, but to humans and all other vertebrates. Nitric Oxide has been found to help with everything from heart disease to infections*. The discovery of its uses by the body’s cardiovascular system was considered important enough to be awarded a Nobel Prize in 1998*.

Now that we know what it is, we can begin to focus on the benefits of nitric oxide to horses:

• Increased blood flow

• More efficient delivery of other nutrients to all of the body’s systems

• Assists the body in tendon repair, ligament injuries, muscle strains, ulcer prevention, and more.

• Helps to reduce inflammation

• Improves recovery from training and competition.Nitric Oxide – How The “Mighty Molecule” Can Help Your Horse

With all these benefits, it’s somewhat baffling that more horse owners don’t make an effort to ensure that the proper nutritional precursors are available so the body can make Nitric Oxide. Certain combinations of nutrients, such as the amino acid L-Arginine, are needed in the proper amounts. As it is extremely difficult to provide these nutritional precursors without supplementation, we recommend products from Total Health Enhancement’s “Equine Edge” line. For example, a great product to have on hand for emergencies is NitrOxide. This product is our nutritional support for acute or chronic laminitis, sore feet, navicular, abscesses, and EPM. Research shows that laminitis involves insufficient blood flow to the hoof. The laminitis episode is initiated by different forms of stress, including overfeeding of certain grains and hay. Stress depletes the body of Nitric Oxide, which is necessary to maintain adequate blood flow to the hoof. This loss of proper blood flow weakens the hoof and the horse’s ability to walk. NitrOxide is designed to increase Nitric Oxide production and stimulate the blood flow to the hoof which speeds up healing, and is effective for recovery. Maintenance doses every 2 or 3 days will also help prevent reoccurrences.

T.H.E. products provide the body with the necessary nutrients to synthesize enough NO to assist the body in dealing with many different conditions. Our products also contain only ingredients that can be found in nature and we do not use synthesized vitamins.

Some of the natural ingredients that our product include are:

• Tumeric Powder

• Vitamin E

• Vitamin C

• Vitamin B1, 3, 5, 6, and 12

• Ginger Root

• Iron

• Biotin

• Ginseng LeafNitric Oxide – How The “Mighty Molecule” Can Help Your Horse

The ingredients listed here are just a few of the ones included in T.H.E. Equine Edge Nitroxide. All T.H.E. products are natural, high quality and can be customized for your horse’s specific needs. Just like humans, horses have different needs and deficiencies that need to be treated accordingly. T.H.E. takes pride in innovation and putting the customer and their horses first. T.H.E. specializes in nutritional products for health, maintenance, competition and recovery for your equine companion. Total Health Enhancement has been around for 18 years and counting. They are are a company you can count on.Nitric Oxide – How The “Mighty Molecule” Can Help Your Horse

To purchase Total Health Enhancement products for horses or humans, head to ! Don’t forget to use the promo code EliteEQ to save 10% on any order!

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