November 29, 2022

Pet Portraits & Fine Art by artist Audrey L. Altemose

Pet Portraits & Fine Art by artist Audrey L. Altemose

Pet Portraits & Fine Art by artist Audrey L. Altemose

Portraiture is a beautiful and timeless way to remember our pets and things we cherish. An original, hand painted portrait makes an amazing gift for friends and family to treasure always. My medium of choice is soft pastel, which is well known for retaining true color for many years. In fact, 16th century pastel art exist today as fresh and vibrant as the day they were painted. I truly love this medium. Using only the finest pastels pencils and soft pastel sticks on high quality acid free paper, all my portraits are painted using photos provided by my clients.Pet Portraits & Fine Art by artist Audrey L. Altemose

I’ve had a passion for painting all my life. Bringing joy and comfort with this Gifted Blessing is the inspiration behind my work. I would love the opportunity to work with you in bringing your beloved pet to life in a fine art portrait.

About the Artist

Growing up on a farm in the northeast, was where I first discovered my love to draw and capture things on paper. Even at a young age, I drew for hours. I believe it is the one thing in my life I want, need and love to do. Being from a musical family background, we eventually left the farm and did a lot of traveling. Although I slowed down a little on my drawing, I knew I couldn’t go too long without sketching something .

After High School, it was my father who also saw this talent in me and encouraged me to attend some art classes at the local college in Florida where we were living at that time. I took some classes in charcoal/pastel and fell in love with this medium. (Thank you, Dad!) In time I also ventured into oil and some watercolor, but was always drawn back to pastel. The blending ability, colors and results I am able to acheive with this medium is truly amazing. Although my subjects are limitless, my favorite to paint would have to be animals, nature and wildlife. It is the awesomeness of these beautiful creations (Thank you, God!) that I desire to capture in my art that inspiries me so much.Pet Portraits & Fine Art by artist Audrey L. Altemose

Having been a designing artist early on, I can now be found working in my studio in the northeast creating and customizing many special requests, such as portraits. Being a member of the local art group, my work has been displayed in many galleries and businesses. I’ve had the honor of winning numerous awards, which I am very thankful for. Please keep an eye out for my latest endeavours.

Besides my passion for art, I enjoy music and traveling. I’m blessed to have a wonderful husband, two beautiful girls, gregarious felines and a precocious Aussie. I am also inspired by all the exceptionally talented artist that I have met and known .It would be a privilege to be among them.

I am also very thankful for the many friends and family members that have always encouraged me. But most of all, I am truly grateful to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. For it is by His blessings and guidance that I am able to do what I do. To Him be the Glory!\