Premier Equestrian Provides Arena Footing for The Event at Rebecca Farm

Premier Equestrian Provides Arena Footing for The Event at Rebecca Farm

Premier Equestrian Provides Arena Footing for The Event at Rebecca Farm

Kalispell, MT (June 27, 2013) – On July 25-28, 2013, Rebecca Farm in Kalispell Montana will hold their annual equestrian triathlon entitled The Event at Rebecca Farm. This year’s Event features brand new arena footing supplied by Premier Equestrian, LLC. As a leader in the equestrian footing industry, Premier Equestrian was chosen to update the arena footing in Rebecca Farm’s three 75 x 75 meter arenas. Premier Equestrian is proud to be a part of this exciting equestrian triathlon and is a major sponsor of the event along with providing its products.

Premier Equestrian Provides Arena Footing for The Event at Rebecca Farm
Rebecca Farm’s newly installed arena featuring Master’s Blend Footing. (Photo courtesy of Premier Equestrian, LLC.)

The Event at Rebecca Farm is a 3-day event that will feature competition in dressage, cross-country endurance and show jumping. Horses and riders of all ages and levels from across the continent will gather to show their talents on the 640-acre farm. Dressage will demonstrate the art and harmony between horse and rider. Cross-country demands endurance, courage, boldness, confidence, and stamina with horses running long distances at high rates of speed. Show jumping examines precision, agility, and technique while jumping over high obstacles.

Rebecca Farm easily accommodates all of these disciplines, especially with Premier Equestrian Master’s Blend footing installed in three of their 75 x 75 meter riding arenas. Additionally, the cross-country course was re-designed last summer by Ian Stark, one of the leading designers in the world. This sinuous, 4-mile course features over 150 obstacles and four water complexes, which is sure to up the excitement level of the event.

In addition to the competition, event organizer, Sarah Broussard is continuing the “Halt Cancer at X” fundraising campaign for the second year as an initiative to raise money for breast cancer research in memory of her mother, Rebecca Broussard. Last year’s inaugural campaign raised $65,000 for both local and national organizations. Admission to the event is free, however a voluntary $5 parking donation is requested to support this cause. Also, prior to the triathlon on July 24th, the USEA Young and Future Event Horse Series will be featured. The Future Event Horse series judges the potential that yearlings, two-year-olds, and three-year-olds demonstrate to become successful event horses. The Young Event Horse series also gives owners and breeders the opportunity to showcase the potential of their four and five-year-old horses.

Premier Equestrian is excited to be working so closely with Rebecca Farm on all of these initiatives. “Rebecca Farm is looking to the future of their event,” states Premier Equestrian co-founder, Mark Neihart. “Competitors are demanding world-class footing and now Rebecca Farms can say they have it. At Premier Equestrian, we choose products that work while providing a multitude of benefits to our customers and we always strive to provide an exceptional value. Most importantly, our products are safe, effective, and usable. We are excited to have the incredible horses and riders competing at this year’s triathlon experiencing our new Master’s Blend Footing for themselves.”

The event competitors at Rebecca Farm will now be riding atop the Premier Master’s Blend footing. Master’s Blend is a highly sought-after footing solution that gives exceptional stabilization along with maximum shock absorption. Master’s Blend arena footing provides cushion and rebound, yet offers high stability by increasing traction and shear strength. Footing of the past provided cushion but lacked the ability to bind and stabilize. Then textiles were introduced to offer traction and shear strength. However, too much traction can impede the horse’s movement and have too much grip. Premier has combined the qualities of both and the result is the best all around surface that supports health and performance. This all around, multi-purpose footing surface can be adjusted for jumping, dressage, combined training, or any other type of performance arena.

“Whichever Premier Equestrian footing product you choose, your equine athletes will be performing on the best material available, and they will thank you for it!” assures Heidi Zorn, President of Premier Equestrian. Considered America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of equestrian arenas, Premier Equestrian’s website offers extensive and informative information designed to help horse owners understand the differences in arenas as well as arena footing. Premier Equestrian also offers a complete line of horse jumps and horse jumping equipment, along with state of the art dressage arenas and dressage letters. Other Premier products include barn accessories, books & DVDs, as well as arena grooming and maintenance equipment. For more information on all Premier Equestrian products, including footing, dressage arenas, jumps and stable accessories, visit their website at  or call 800-611-6109.

Photo: Rebecca Farm’s newly installed arena featuring Master’s Blend Footing. (Photo courtesy of Premier Equestrian, LLC.)

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