Ranger The Little Horse with the Big Heart

Ranger The Little Horse with the Big Heart

Christy Wood

About the Book

Imagine the worst winter storm you have ever been in. Dark skies overhead interrupted by jagged lightening bolts cutting through the sky and thunder so strong as though someone had set a cannon off right beside you. You would seek immediate shelter and safety.

A chestnut mare, alone on a mountain, had to endure the fury of this storm.  As she battled the elements, she was coping with the birth pains that signaled her delivery of her fist foal. The colt should never have survived except for the intervention of a loving God who shows compassion for all his creatures. This little colt had a strong will to survive and the heart of a warrior that carried him through the adventures of his life.Ranger The Little Horse with the Big Heart Christy Wood

Ranger, as he is named later, tells his own story knowing he has a sense of purpose. He re-counts his birth and early years coming to rely and trust on humans and also to adjust to other horses that become friend or foe. He has many adventures with his beloved owner as he shares his life with her at her foothill ranch in Three Rivers California.

His life is long and full, amazingly so, and at 32 years young he knows it is time to leave for greener pastures. He gets to meet his maker and then knows that his earthly human companion is taken care of after his departure.

Be prepared for a tug on your heart from Ranger, the little horse with the big heart!

About the Author

As a young girl, Christy dreamed of horses. The dream was to own that one special horse that would know her every thought and be her best friend. Christy had a few other horses before Ranger came along and she loved each one for their own special talents.

But when Christy met Ranger for the first time, their souls rejoiced and an instant bond developed that would last 30 years. The dream horse was soon purchased and the adventures began.

Christy’s horse career has taken her across the United States and internationally as a multi-carded horse show judge. She has trained, ridden and won at World and National breed shows. Her first book, ‘Your Best Horse Show, a guide for managers and exhibitors”, has done well. But to stay grounded and find inner peace, Christy would saddle up Ranger and head out on the trails. Riding God’s greatest creation, the horse, her Ranger, in the majestic mountains of Three Rivers, was the ultimate! She continues her trail riding enthusiasm by riding on the historic Chief Joseph Trail Ride, a thirteen hundred mile ride that takes thirteen years to complete. She and Dollar will earn their trail medallion in 2013 for 10 consecutive rides together.

Christy can be reached at www.wdnhorse.com

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