ReactorPanel Saddles-The Saddle that Solves Problems

ReactorPanel Saddles-The Saddle that Solves Problems

Wellington, FL- November 8, 2012- Fifteen years ago, when Carmi Weininger got a ReactorPanel Saddle for her hot thoroughbred mare with a chronically sore back, she had no idea that she would one day own the business, or that she would devote herself to helping others out of the same dilemma. Today, Weininger helps many others who have found it almost impossible to fit a sensitive horse with a comfortable saddle.

ReactorPanel Saddles-The Saddle that Solves Problems
Michele Ng and Boca. Photo by Heide Stover

“It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience to help so many people who often come to us as a last resort with horses that buck, spook, exhibit intermittent lameness or are simply tough rides,” said Weininger. “We’ve even helped rehabilitate horses from injuries such as spinal fractures or kissing spines since we can custom-tailor the saddle fit around sensitive areas.”

The uniquely designed ReactorPanel saddle, like an erector set, is assembled to fit each horse. It is fully adjustable with simple tools, and provides a flexible shock absorbing system for the horse’s back. The list of problems that the ReactorPanel saddle system solves grows daily, thanks to the company’s customer-oriented policies and dedicated saddle fitters.

Michele Ng, a California dressage rider who is also an organizer of USDF educational events was stymied by her

horse Boca’s intermittent unevenness of stride. After multiple vet visits, she began to wonder whether the problem might be her extremely expensive custom saddle. She called on Weininger, who noted and measured the atrophy in her horse’s back, and then fitted him with a ReactorPanel dressage saddle.

ReactorPanel Saddles-The Saddle that Solves Problems
Bethany Wood and Faline. Photo Courtesy of client

“Carmi showed me graphically that Boca grew new muscle at his wither in just six weeks and an incredible amount in six months,” said Ng. “His back has totally changed since I got the ReactorPanel saddle in February, and his movement is now bigger because he’s moving more through his back.”

Bethany Woods is a busy hunter/jumper and dressage trainer from Earlysville, VA. She rides her horses and her client’s horses in ReactorPanel saddles. Woods was wowed by the significant behavior changes in both of her mares after introducing ReactorPanel saddles.

“Both of these mares, if they got panicked or upset, would respond by not going forward and might even rear and do something stupid,” shared Wood. “They’re just happy now. I can do whatever I want. I can ride them around the farm. Having them in ReactorPanel Saddles is a great thing. They are such personable mares now.”

Another ReactorPanel fan is Barbara Goshorn, a life-long rider and attorney from Palmyra, VA, who became a ReactorPanel believer after using the saddles on multiple horses, including a notoriously difficult dressage horse.

“I put the ReactorPanel saddle on this horse who was known for being really hard to ride− not putting his head down and stretching, not bringing his back up,” said Goshorn. “By the end of an hour he was cantering figure eights with his head stretched down on a loose rein. No one had ever seen him go like that.”

ReactorPanel Saddles-The Saddle that Solves Problems
Carmi Weininger and Iditarod. Photo by JC Dill

ReactorPanel Saddles distribute weight evenly across a broad area of the horse’s back. Using flexible panels rather than traditional flocking, the ReactorPanel system flexes to follow the movement of the horse’s shoulders. The panels are independently attached and flex with each stride at the shoulder and the loin to dynamically fit the back in motion. By keeping pressure away from the wither and spine and freeing the shoulder, horses are able to access their full range of motion and athletic potential. The result is a more comfortable and happier horse. Sensitive or asymmetrical horses are easily fit with this adjustable system.

The company’s policies are as unique as the products. Customers are required to use the saddle free of charge for a two-week trial prior to purchase to ensure proper fit and comfort for both the horse and rider. Saddles are fit and adjusted by specially trained Fitting Agents, or by users who enjoy do-it-yourself projects.

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