Saracen Horse Feeds Going Green on Clothing

Saracen Horse Feeds #eliteequestrian

Saracen Horse Feeds Going Green on Clothing

Saracen Horse Feeds are excited to take delivery of their first order of new branded uniform from Reborn Fabrics, made from recycled plastic. In line with Saracen’s ongoing sustainability pledge, Reborn offer a fully sustainable range of clothing, saving the ocean from some of the 8 million pieces of plastic that find themselves there every day. Environmental awareness has long been a core value at Saracen, and now, every single branded soft-shell jacket for staff and sponsored riders will be produced from 20 plastic cups, aptly recycled from horse racing events.

Saracen Horse Feeds are proud to work with and support initiatives that combat environmental challenges, and work towards the re-thinking of problems to create solutions. Reborn are challenging the stance on plastic waste, hoping that they can promote a future where it will be viewed as a material resource, and not just pollution.

Saracen Horse Feeds have before now developed policies throughout the business to increase sustainability and prepare for a better tomorrow. One hundred percent of the energy supplied to the Saracen site is produced from renewable sources and supplied by a company with a zero emissions rating for renewable energy. LED lighting is used throughout the offices and warehouses, which use 75% less energy, and Saracen are also partnered with a waste management company that operate a zero to landfill policy. Along with their fully recyclable feed packaging, Saracen are leading the way for a future generation.

Michael Bacon, Sales and Marketing Director at Saracen said, “Every action we take matters and this exciting new order from Reborn Fabrics is a further step to lower our carbon footprint. We are doing everything we can today to reduce our impact on the environment and plan for a better tomorrow. Our locally sourced raw materials, 100% renewable energy site, LED lighting, zero to landfill waste management policy, and fully recyclable packaging are just some of the key features of our ongoing sustainability pledge and we are excited to be further expanding our green credentials.”Saracen Horse Feeds #eliteequestrian

Saracen Horse Feeds has a firm focus on the future, and they are taking sustainability seriously. As a family owned business, now in its fifth generation, Saracen have always cared as much about the future as their past.

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