Satisfied Buyers Applaud Marysue Jacobs and Destiny International Properties’ Dedication and Service

Rare Opportunity to Purchase 10 to 290 Prime Acres near Wellington, FL for only $45,000 per Acre Wellington, Florida- March 17, 2015 - Marysue Jacobs at Destiny International Properties, one of the area's most trusted realtors with over 26 years experience, is offering for sale, acres and acres of prime real estate just minutes from Wellington, Florida. In fact, this offering is one of the last and largest parcels of land available in this red-hot equestrian market.

Satisfied Buyers Applaud Marysue Jacobs and Destiny International Properties’ Dedication and Service

Wellington, Florida – March 21, 2015 – With decades of experience in the real estate industry and full immersion in the Wellington community, Marysue Jacobs and the team at Destiny International Properties have helped many satisfied customers find their perfect Wellington property. The expertise and thorough knowledge that Jacobs and her team have about every property they manage, makes the buying process smooth and stress-free for all clients.

When Gene Fruehling decided he and his family needed a larger horse property in Wellington they turned to Jacobs because she was the most knowledgeable agent they’d ever met.

Satisfied Buyers Applaud Marysue Jacobs and Destiny International Properties'    Dedication and Service
The lush property that Marysue Jacobs helped Gene Fruehling purchase.

“She really knew her stuff. A lot of other agents couldn’t even find their way around the property, but Jacobs really knew the pros and cons of the land and was very honest about it all,” said Fruehling.

Also impressive is Jacobs’ extensive understanding of the unique equestrian needs facing Wellington customers, which Fruehling said is essential information when dealing with Wellington property.

“An agent has to be able to answer questions about the rings, about ideal barn placement, about what footing would be best in the arenas, and Marysue knows all the answers to all those scenarios,” said Fruehling.

In addition to her equestrian know-how, Jacobs is also connected to many of Wellington’s top service providers. Whether you’re looking for a painter, landscaping or any other needs, Jacobs goes above and beyond to make her clients comfortable, said Ali DeGowin, a former real estate agent from California who bought property in Wellington with Jacobs’ help.

“She has many connections and can provide recommendations for anything,” said DeGowin. “She gave me a recommendation for the people who built my barn, and then when my horses arrived before my barn was complete, she found me a place to put them. She just does things that no other agent would ever even think to do.”

Her connections and inside knowledge allow Jacobs and her team to help clients find properties within a full spectrum of budgets. Bianca Berktold thought her dream of finding a property where she could build her own farm, or find one with an existing barn, within her budget was impossible, but with Jacobs’ help she found her dream property.

“Marysue made this impossible dream of ours come true,” said Berktold. She truly goes above and beyond for her clients. If you are looking for the impossible, she’s the one who will be able to find it for you.”

For Jordan Gallo, who was looking for a starter home in Wellington, Jacobs helped his dreams come true as well, providing him with crucial information about neighborhoods and the market that enabled him to make a smart real estate decision.

Satisfied Buyers Applaud Marysue Jacobs and Destiny International Properties'    Dedication and Service
With Jacobs’ help Ali DeGowin was able to find this dream property

“She takes the normal information that a consumer gives hers and considers all the variables. She really understands and considers the client lifecycle. She’s not looking to just sell you a house right now that fits only your immediate needs, she’s trying to get the perfect fit for your lifestyle now and for the future,” said Gallo.

Many buyers who have purchased with Jacobs help have said it was a smooth experience that allowed them to make a confident, satisfied purchase.

Gallo confirmed this, “I’ve bought a number of properties in many different states and I really wish I could use Marysue for all of them, because she just makes it the easiest transaction you’ll ever have.”

To begin looking for your next dream property, contact Marysue Jacobs and the Destiny International Properties team at 561-791-2501 or 561-758-5212 or click here to go to the website.