The Estrella Damm Trophy and the Jump&Drive Porsche Trophy completed the sports program of the evening session

The Estrella Damm Trophy and the Jump&Drive Porsche Trophy completed the sports program of the evening session

With the grandstands packed with spectators in the central arena of IFEMA MADRID HORSE WEEK, Saturday’s show jumping program ended with two events in which speed ruled: the Estrella Damm Trophy and the Jump&Drive Porsche Trophy.

The Estrella Damm Trophy, the most important class (1’50m) of the day, was contested by 44 competitors and was judged according to the “Winning Round” table. According to this table, only the eleven best-ranked teams from the first round (25%) were allowed to compete in the second round, in which all eleven horses started with no penalties.
With the counter at zero for all of them in the winning round, the jump-off promised excitement in view of the level of the riders who competed. And it did, because the course offered the possibility of intense galloping and winding lines that invited the riders to make cuts.

Six horses were clear and Max Kühner took the lead with a time of 34’05 seconds over “Eic Colley Jump The Q”, which qualified him as a strong contender for the victory. But the Austrian’s candidacy only held firm until the participation of Daniel Deusser.

The German rider, winner of last week´s Super Grand Prix of the Global Champions Tour, in Prague, made the perfect ride with the 13 year old grey mare “Jasmien vd Bisschop”, with which after overcoming the Estrella Damm vertical that closed the course, stopped the clock in 33’26 seconds, the winning time.

The third fastest zero of the “winning round” was Brazil’s Eduardo Pereira de Menezes with “H5 Elvaro”, who set a time of 34.51 seconds. Fourth was Simon Delestre with “Dexter Fontenis Z” and fifth was Philipp Weishaupt with “Che Fantástica”.
A luxury line-up for an event in which three Spanish riders qualified for the winning round: Manuel Fernández Saro with “Acoufina PS”, Santiago Núñez Riva with “Chakira Z” and Jesús Garmendia, who with “Callias” had achieved the fastest clear round of the opening round. The first two had two poles down in the winning round, while Garmendia scored 8 faults
Once the class was over, Daniel Deusser received the winner trophy from Sergi Pérez, Estrella Damm’s sports sponsorship manager.

Saturday night’s finale at IFEMA MADRID HORSE WEEK was reserved for horses, riders and cars, with Porsche as the protagonist. The automotive brand sponsored the Jump&Drive, an always fun event, which inevitably transmits passion to the public. And the public packed the grandstands, boxes and tables of the main arena to enjoy the show.
The Porsche Trophy was contested by ten riders, who had to do a short course with their horse, get off it and run on foot, jumping over an obstacle, towards the Porsche car that was waiting for them at the other end of the track. And once they had put on their seat belts, they did a course of skill, dodging cones placed on the ground until they completed the course.

The car used in the test was a stupendous Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Turbo S and the one who showed the most skill driving it, after having run on horseback and on foot in the shortest time, was the Spanish rider Hugo Álvarez Amaro. For him was the prize and the Porsche Trophy, which was presented by Tomás Villen, CEO of Porsche Ibérica.

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