The Grooms Award Honors Grooms at 2022 American Gold Cup

The Grooms Award Honors Grooms at 2022 American Gold Cup

The Grooms Award, Ltd., Continues to Recognize Grooms’ Contributions to the Sport

The Grooms Award, Ltd., was on hand at the American Gold Cup in Traverse City, Michigan, to continue its work recognizing and rewarding professional grooms for their contribution to the sport. The nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization presented gifts and prizes to the grooms of the horses that competed in two featured classes – the $100,000 3’ Pro Traverse City Hunter Derby Finals and the $405,300 American Gold Cup.

Topping a field of 22 horses in the $100,000 3’ Pro Traverse City Hunter Derby Finals was Chappy, owned by Carole Chase and shown by Greg Crolick. Riding to the win in the $405,300 American Gold Cup was Shane Sweetnam on James Kann Cruz, owned by Gizmo Partners LLC.

Sharing in the victories were Chappy’s groom, Antonio Clarke, and James Kann Cruz’s groom, Maria Israelsson. Each was presented with an embroidered Grooms Award/EquiFit backpack filled with Shapley’s grooming products, a Haygain tack room pillow, Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks keychain, $100 cash in a custom pouch with the Traverse City Horse Shows monogram, and hats from Haygain and The Grooms Award, Ltd.

Andrea Mewhinney, on site representing The Grooms Award, also presented gift bags to grooms of all the horses entered in the two featured classes including an assortment of the aforementioned prizes plus ringside snacks, a Haygain finishing towel and a chance to win a Haygain HG hay steamer.

“The Gold Cup is a historic event that dates back 50 years,” Mewhinney said. “We are so thankful for the opportunity to recognize the grooms who take care of the world-class horses competing there. We thank all our sponsors and everyone who supports The Grooms Award for enabling us to do so.”

The Grooms Award, Ltd. thanks all of the following sponsors and supporters:

Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks, The Doubleday Foundation, EquiFit, Haygain, Dr. Ron Gaeta, Paula and Michael Gaughan, Shapley’s, South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa, and all other supporters of The Grooms Award!

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