The meeco Equestrian Team

The meeco Equestrian Team elite equestrian magazine #equestrian #horse #eliteequestrian #meeco

The meeco Equestrian Team

OurSun Queeny Rubin wins the Spring MET 2019 Tour IV 1.30 m class
The meeco Equestrian Team’s successful finish of the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour

The annual Mediterranean Equestrian Tour came to an end on the weekend from April 19th until April 21st at the beautifully located Equestrian Centre Oliva Nova in the province of Valencia. The meeco Equestrian Team gave an excellent performance, especially OurSun Queeny Rubin attracted a lot of attention on F riday, when the Holstein mare won the 1.30 m class. The fourth and final part of the Spring MET 2019 was completed with excellent results from the Irish Sport horse OurSun Crusanna and the Holstein mare OurSun Cariana.The meeco Equestrian Team elite equestrian magazine #equestrian #horse #eliteequestrian #meeco

On Friday, April 19th, OurSun Cariana and OurSun Queeny Rubin participated in the CSI 1* Faults and Time challenge in the 1.30 m class and fought for the Trofeo Emiralia Horse Corporation. The course at the Valencia Arena consisted of a total length of 430 m and 10 obstacles. OurSun Queeny Rubin also had a faultless round, ending this challenging course with the fastest time of all participants and jumped to victory, which kicked off a perfect start into the jumping weekend. This was her third victory at the Spring MET this year. With a wonderfully clean run and a very good time OurSun Cariana jumped to a nice 8th place.The meeco Equestrian Team elite equestrian magazine #equestrian #horse #eliteequestrian #meeco

The next day, OurSun Cariana and OurSun Queeny Rubin fought for the Trofeo Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort. Within this two-phase competition, there was no room for faults and the meeco riders mastered this challenge sensationally. The Holstein mare OurSun Cariana performed very well and jumped with a faultless run to an impressive 5th place. OurSun Queeny Rubin maintained her performance level from the day before, achieved the second fastest time in phase one and two and jumped to an outstanding second place.

The last day of the Spring MET 2019, The meeco Equestrian Team were eager to keep up the good performances from the days before. In the 1.20 m class, OurSun Crusanna showed her skills and achieved a very good parkour time in Oliva Nova coming in 8th. OurSun Cariana and OurSun Queeny Rubin did their best again, but on Sunday, April 21st, a few competitors were better. Both horses displayed good times and ensured a positive finish of the excellently organised event in Valencia placing 7th and 12th.

The meeco Equestrian Team elite equestrian magazine #equestrian #horse #eliteequestrian #meeco

Another successful show jumping event has now passed for The meeco Equestrian Team. Coach Pedro Sánchez Aléman praised the meeco riders: “I am very satisfied with the performances of every single team member. OurSun Queeny Rubin proved her outstanding skills on Friday and Saturday, OurSun Cariana performed at a very good level during the whole weekend and OurSun Crusanna showed us her fantastic skills on Saturday.”

“The whole Spring MET 2019 was a very successful event series for us. All in all, OurSun Queeny Rubin achieved three victories for the team. Fur ther awesome results were gained by Calife d´Austral coming in 3rd in the CSI 2* 1.35 m class and OurSun Crusanna with her great 4th place in the event before,“ the coach summarises all shows of the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour.The meeco Equestrian Team elite equestrian magazine #equestrian #horse #eliteequestrian #meeco

About The meeco Equestrian Team: The meeco Equestrian Team was founded in 2011 and consists of young show jumping amateur riders dedicated to improving their skills together with their horses. The team is based in Alicante, Spain, where its sponsor, the international renewable energy company meeco AG, provides them and their horses with excellent training facilities at the “Finca meeco”.