“This is the Stuff” Premier Equestrian Debuts Master’s Blend Horse Arena Footing

“This is the Stuff”

“This is the Stuff” Premier Equestrian Debuts Master’s Blend Horse Arena Footing

Salt Lake City, UT (April 10, 2013) – Premier Equestrian is pleased to announce a new premium quality footing at an affordable price: Master’s Blend. Master’s Blend Footing is a new proprietary blend of textiles and cushioning agents that creates an ideal surface for mastering the art of dressage, jumping or any discipline by offering superior traction along with cushioning and rebound. For every horseman, from the show facility manager to backyard owner, Master’s Blend Footing is the result of years of testing to perfect an arena footing blend that offers the support and traction of textile with the rebound cushion of rubber.

“This is the Stuff”
Premier Equestrian is pleased to announce a new premium quality footing at an affordable price: Master’s Blend. (Photo courtesy of Premier Equestrian)

“This is the stuff. This is what you’ve been waiting for,” says Premier Equestrian CEO, Mark Neihart. In Premier Equestrian’s latest video, the audience travels to Utah with Neihart as he visits Margo Gogan at Hilltop Dressage. Viewers are given a chance to see Master’s Blend Footing transform a ‘hard’ arena into a praiseworthy new training surface for Margo and her guests USEF National Dressage Youth coach, Jeremy Steinberg, and Hilltop rider Alison Child, whose young dressage prospect, Woody, is ridden over both surfaces. The episode, released March 26, 2013, is free to view on Premier’s website under Footing and Masters blend at http://dressagearena.net/pages/masters_blend.html.

“Master’s Blend has helped my horses feel more athletic,” says Gogan at the end of the 15-minute episode. The video introduces viewers to Hilltop’s arena before the new footing, shows Neihart and his crew at work during the installation, and discusses multiple differences in quality felt by horses and riders after Master’s Blend is in place.

Gogan continued, “It has not only helped my older horses but also our young horses like Alison Child’s Woody, used for this video. He finished his training season scoring in the 80s and has a great career ahead so we want to maintain his joints and avoid tendon or suspensory ligament injuries. It’s all about the health of the horse so we can continue to push for big goals. I need my facility and footing to be as healthy as possible so I can produce competitive horses.”

“I could physically feel the difference in my body while riding his big, flamboyant gaits,” said Child, referring to the softness of concussion she felt while riding Woody over the new Master’s Blend.

While Woody couldn’t speak for himself, USEF Youth coach Jeremy Steinberg did note, after Neihart and his crew put in Master’s Blend, how important good footing was to building trust and confidence in a horse’s way of going: “Quality concussion is important, especially for downward transitions. Horses need footing they can trust not only when they ‘power up’ but when they have to softly transition back down.”

Keeping pace with what equestrians need is why Premier Equestrian is one of America’s leading manufacturers and distributors of equestrian arenas. Premier Equestrian offers information, including free consultation and sand analysis reports, to help owners and barn managers understand differences in arenas and footing surfaces and in addition to Master’s Blend Horse Arena Footing, has a complete line of arena grooming and maintenance equipment. Premier Equestrian also carries horse jumps and equipment, including standards, sponsor signage, and cavaletti.

For more about Master’s Blend and other Premier Equestrian products, including footing, dressage arenas, jumps and stable accessories, visit www.PremierEquestrian.com  or call 800-611-6109.

Photo: Premier Equestrian is pleased to announce a new premium quality footing at an affordable price: Master’s Blend. (Photo courtesy of Premier Equestrian)

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