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The Veteran Horse Society (V.H.S) #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

The Veteran Horse Society (V.H.S) continues to offer qualifying classes to the National Veteran Championship 2020

Many people will know that day after day and month after month, we were seeing more and more shows cancelling, through no fault of their own or that of the government, we all had to protect each others lives and that of  the NHS and carers.  Since March 23rd the whole of the UK was advised to go into lockdown and to cancel all large crowd gatherings.  As time went on, we saw many county and national shows roll their dates over to 2021.  During this time, it has, like many societies, been a struggle to stay up to date with government guidelines and to raise vital funds to continue.  Many were unable to furlough staff, as most were volunteers or Directors.The Veteran Horse Society (V.H.S) #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

After a month or so, it was looking very bleak, however, the VHS slowly introduced a photographic competition to raise a little revenue, entries were fantastic, so it was decided with such support, they would revert back to 2001, when Foot & Mouth hit the UK, and had to postpone their first year at Olympia and turn to video entry with their Video camera.   Julianne Aston, Founder of the Society, remembers judging this and it was the day that 9/11 happened  ‘It was so very shocking and as we paused the video’s, I thought I was watch a film, not news coverage’.

So in April 2020 we announced the first virtual Area Qualifier classes on our website and facebook pages.  This was new to all veteran showing competitors and we all struggled to begin with.  We had to work out how to get videos on line without blocking a already very heavily used internet service.  So with the help of VHS volunteers and members we set to work planning and setting out basic online rules and guidance.

The Society now has many virtual shows offering Area Qualifying classes and a system to be able to offer competitors the opportunity of entering the Regional finals.The Veteran Horse Society (V.H.S) #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

For those competitors who would like to enter any of our qualifiers, you simply need 1 person, preferably from the same household or partner who can film you.  Even without internet you can still enter, as our very dedicated team is on hand to help you.

4 months on, they are having  competitors entering the virtual Regional Finals and are planning the one of the only National Championships  Shows still going ahead.

‘We are very fortunate to have a very dedicated team and also some very special members, who have really helped each other, throughout this terrible time.  Even the National media from magazines to radio, have really given us some fantastic coverage’  Julianne said, from her home based office.The Veteran Horse Society (V.H.S) #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

The Veteran National Championship is planned for 2nd – 4th October at Arena UK, with over 100 classes for veterans, you do not need to qualify, but to enter the Supreme Final you will need to gain qualification from one of our Regional Finals either online or on location shows.  Full details are available on the website or by dropping us an email.

We are continuing to hold judge upgrades and assessments. On Saturday 3rd October, we will be holding Judges assessments to join our 2021 judging panel. If anyone is interested in becoming a panel judge or upgrading , you will find application forms again on the website or by dropping us an email.The Veteran Horse Society (V.H.S) #eliteequestrian elite equestrian magazine

The full schedule will be available shortly but until then the timetable is listed on the website.

We do have a limited amount of sponsorship opportunities available, and this is proving to be a more than popular show, we ask you contact us without delay if you would like to promote your products and business, with a very popular lorry dog show, we welcome all trade stands both human, equine and canine.

Thank you to all our members and dedicated team, for continuing to support the Society and we look forward to seeing  everyone at Arena UK.  There will be strict guidelines in place so before attending you will need to read the guidelines that are specific for the show.

Julianne Aston Founder

01239 881300

Photo’s be courtesy of Equipics