December 2, 2022

What is a Horseback Poker Ride?

What is a Horseback Poker Ride?

Poker is a game that’s loved by millions of people across the globe, which is why it isn’t surprising that lot of poker variations are in existence. But, did you know that there is a version that marries this popular casino game to horseback riding? Yes, you read that right. It is called horseback poker and its popular across the country with every state having their own local version.

How does horseback poker work?
Horseback poker requires participants to visit checkpoints where they can draw a playing card. These events require participants who are riding on the back of horses to visit seven stops. At each point, they draw a card, which they hold onto and safely deliver to the scorekeeper at the end of the ride. This is the same format as other poker runs, with contestants using bikes, boats, and even snowmobiles as their form of transport. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the record for the largest event was in 2009 with 2,136 motorcyclists taking part.

Since the goal here is to have the best poker hand at the end of the run, players will be given the leeway to pick five cards from the seven they’ve drawn and create the combination they think will have the highest chance of winning.

The remaining two cards will be considered void and will only be used to determine a tiebreaker. In the case of a tie, the participant with the highest additional cards will be the winner. Ten through Ace will count for 10 points, while other numbered cards will count for their value.

What poker and horse-riding have in common

Playing with cards is hardly the first thing one would relate to being on horseback. But, as unbelievable as it may seem, these two highly diverse activities actually share some significant similarities. In order to succeed at both a high degree of skill, discipline, and patience is needed. In order to train their equestrian mind, riders need to work on their technical, physical, strategic, and emotional skills – areas of skill that easily apply to poker. A rider in competition that has mastered the above will be prepared for any course and any potential setbacks. Similarly, poker involves plenty of mental skills that will help players win. Like a rider they most have good emotional intelligence, a positive outlook, and be able to learn from their mistakes in order to beat the competition. The shared skillset between these two vastly different activities is why horseback poker is one of the most popular poker runs.

On their own, poker and horse riding is a lot of fun for those that partake in these activities. When combined, participants are sure to be in for an adventurous and incredibly joyous ride. It is a great social activity for every level of rider. For more articles on all things horseback riding, you can visit our page Elite Equestrian Magazine