Who was the Secretariat?

Who was the Secretariat?

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Many of the sport’s top horses have gone down in history, and in pop culture, becoming incredibly famous even outside the world of sports. Most popular among these, by far, is the Secretariat, one of the biggest, and the best racing horse to have ever lived. Secretariat has lived as fascinating a life as a racing horse could live, and his story is one worth remembering.

Secretariat’s Birth

Secretariat was foaled in March, 1970 by Somethingroyal. He had a bright-red chestnut coat, white socks, and his most distinguishing feature, a white star with a narrow stripe. Upon his birth, many believed that “Big Red”, as he was known on the farm, was too beautiful to race. Secretariat’s growth spur, however, led to horse racing experts, and even his trainer describing him as “the perfect race horse”. With praises like these, it is no shock that Secretariat soon started his career on the race track.

The First Races

Secretariat was two years old for his debut race at the Aqueduct Racetrack on July 4, 1972. Secretariat finished in fourth place, exhibiting an incredible speed, which put him in the forefront of many people’s minds. He competed again, a mere 11 days later, where he showed his incredible power, and stretch-running ability, which he became famous for. Secretariat won the race by a staggering six lengths, and became a darling of fans of horse racing.

At the end of that month, Secretariat raced again, for the third time. At this point, he was already a crowd favorite, and the odds-on favorite for bettors. He proved all of his fans right, by winning the race, and coming into first place.

Secretariat would go on to win 16 out of 21 races, and would be named Horse of the Year, and win several awards.

Secretariat’s Death

In 1989, Secretariat came down with a case of laminitis. After a grueling month of treatment, Secretariat’s condition did not improve. He was euthanized on October 4, at the age of 19. Secretariat is considered the greatest racing horse to have ever ran the track, and is the subject of a 2010 film, starring Diane Lane and John Malkovich.