Whole Food Nutrition vs. Manufactured Nutrients

Tami George, Equine Nutrition Specialist for Equine Health & Performance

Whole Food Nutrition vs. Manufactured Nutrients

Nutrition 101

By Tami George, Equine Nutrition Specialist for Equine Health & Performance

Processed foods, animal feed products and most supplements derive their primary nutritional value from individual nutrients added to various base materials or fillers.Tami George, Equine Nutrition Specialist for Equine Health & Performance

A more correct term for these individual nutrients is “synthetic isolates”. These synthetic isolate ingredients are listed on product labels as well as under the “Guaranteed analysis” portion of the labeling.

Synthetic Isolates are individual vitamins, minerals or any other “nutrients” isolated or extracted from natural sources like plants or are otherwise manufactured by various chemical processes.

These synthetic isolates are almost universally utilized for four simple reasons: 1. They are in abundant supply. 2. They are easy to handle and process. 3. They are very inexpensive. 4. They create huge profits for product manufacturers.

What does the science say about synthetic isolates?

Research from independent studies is clear regarding the efficacy of these synthetic isolates. Multiple studies have confirmed synthetic isolates are a form of nutrition (nutrients) that are not efficiently digested or absorbed and are often not recognized by living biology (i.e., humans or horses) as nutrition.

These products are not efficiently utilized by the body and are not a viable substitute for whole food nutrition. Long term use of these types of feeds and supplements will result in Functional Malnutrition causing poor health and appearance, chronic digestion problems, allergies, soft tissue injuries, inconsistent performance, and the inability to heal properly.

According to Jeff Prince, vice president for education at the American Institute for Cancer Research, “The thousands of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals beneficial plant compounds in whole foods act synergistically together to create a more powerful effect than the sum of their parts, producing a result which cannot be recreated by nutritional supplements.”

Manufactured nutritional supplements (synthetic isolates) simply can’t compete with better live whole food choices that provide nutrition synergistically.

While these synthetic isolates may offer some impressive reading on product labels, “Guaranteed analysis” labels and advertising campaigns, their real world benefits are minimal.

Studies have consistently concluded the absorption and utilization levels by the body can range from minimal to minuscule. In the case of the minerals nutrients critical to all biological functions, absorption rates averages about 3%, but can be as low as zero.

Studies have also shown synthetic isolates can be “seen” by the body as foreign invaders engaging autoimmune responses to destroy them. These auto-immune responses can escalate into serious allergic reactions and although rare, can be potentially fatal.

In stark contrast, the nutrients in whole food are naturally recognized, easily digested and efficiently absorbed by the body. Whole food nutrients are 100% bio-available.Tami George, Equine Nutrition Specialist for Equine Health & Performance

Nature’s complete array of 100% bio-available (completely absorbable) vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, essential fatty acids, friendly bacteria, phytonutrients, micro-nutrients and more can only be found in organic whole foods.

Whole foods contain highly complex structures that combine a variety of enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, activators and many other unknown or undiscovered factors all working together synergistically, to enable complex nutrition to do its job in the body. Nutrients from within this whole food complex cannot be taken apart or isolated from the whole and be expected to do the same job in the body as the whole complex is proven capable of doing for millennia of natural history.

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