Make Money With Horses By Don Blazer

Make Money With Horses

By Don Blazer

          It is so easy to have a successful horse business that virtually anyone who wants to succeed can succeed!

All you have to do is: 1. get credentials, 2. focus on a niche, 3. become an expert.

Look around and you might think there is a lot of competition vying for the business you want.  But there really isn’t.  There are a lot of people offering services within the horse industry; but few that are truly qualified.

In the US today, less than 26 per cent of the population has a college degree of any kind.

Less than 10 per cent of those who operate a horse training or horse care business have any credentials at all; less than 1 per cent has a degree or professional certification in equine studies.  (And don’t let anyone tell you they are “qualified” because they have years of experience—experience is not a substitute for knowledge.)

Get credentials and start just about any kind of horse business you want.  You’ll be a success.

When you have credentials, you’ll be in demand.  Apply for a job and list your education credentials and it’s almost a guarantee you’ll get hired.  Business can’t find enough “credentialed” horse lovers.

There are more than 200 colleges in the US today offering equine study degrees, not to mention the “online” equine study degree programs available. If  you want an education, you can get it.

Decide on a niche rather than trying to be everything to everyone.

Most horse trainers today can’t support a family on income earned from training horses; they have a wife or husband who actually supports the family.  The main reason they fail to generate enough income to succeed is they aren’t recognized by potential clients for what they do.

Advertise and tell people about the horse services you provide is being visible.  But being visible isn’t good enough…you have to be “recognizable.”  When someone wants her horse trained for the show pen trail class, your name and face need to be the first thing they think of.

The only way to become “recognizable” is to become synonymous with the service you offer.

Cathy Hanson, a instructor, trains world champion show pen trail horses, but not just any trail horses.  She trains American Quarter Horse trail horses.  Winning championships makes her recognizable to her market, as does the “visibility” of being an AQHA director and AQHA’s 2008 most valuable professional.

Hanson isn’t trying to compete with Hunt Seat, Reiner, Pleasure or Dressage trainers; she is focused on her niche.  Good economic times or slow, her barn is filled with clients who want to compete with AQHA show pen trail horses at the world championship levels.

Once you’ve decided on your niche, you want to become an expert.

Becoming an expert isn’t nearly as hard as you think.

If you read one book per week about the subject you’ve chosen…horses and whatever it is you are going to be doing with them as your business, within one year (52 books) you’ll have the equivalent of a doctorate degree on that specific subject.

If you know that much about a specific horse subject, you’ll be able to teach that subject to others at local community college continuing education programs, or for groups or organizations associated with horses.   You’ll be able to give clinics and seminars about your subject.

Local and national horse magazines and newspapers will be delighted to have articles written by you on your subject of expertise.

If it’s so easy, you ask, why doesn’t everyone have a success horse business?

The answer:  they have more excuses not to do it than they have desire to do it.

Anyone who wants to fail will tell you, “I’d do it, but….”

As soon as they say the word, “but” you know they are a loser.

Want to have a successful horse busy?  It’s easy.  Follow the three steps and make no excuses.

Don Blazer teaches The Business of Making Money With Horses for which offers equine study degree and professional certification programs.Don Blazer