SeaHorse Eco Safaris Rides and Accommodation

 SeaHorse Eco Safaris Rides and Accommodation

The riding at SeaHorse Eco Safaris:

The scenic beauty of the area in which the trails are done, makes for some of the most beautiful horse riding trails in the country. Large mobile dunes along the north side of Visbaai, offer an excellent terrain for horses to trot and canter over, while enjoying excellent views of the unspoilt bay. Before one gets onto the dunes, the ride takes one through patches of pristine coastal thicket vegetation and remnant patches of the rare Renosterveld vegetation type.

Only groups with a maximum of four people are taken out at a time, this allows for intimacy within the group making sure that all the clients in the group obtain the guided information. Small groups also allow for a more exclusive feel, allowing each client to have the chance to ask questions and make enquiries.

The riding itself is through an area of spectacular scenery. The rides are guided, with ecological and interesting facts being brought across to the client as they ride through four vegetation types, namely Renosterveld, Coastal Thicket, mobile sand dunes, and Fynbos.

Wild animals are also a likely encounter along the ride. Whales and Dolphins can be seen in Visbaai from the dunes in their respective seasons. Grysbok, Common Duiker, Bushbuck, 3 species of Tortoise, Scrub Hare, Bush-pig, Bat Eared Foxes, Badger, Porcupine and Caracal are abundant in the area, and sightings are possible.

The horses are well trained and Natural Horsemanship is practised. The horses are ridden barefoot and bitless. There’s a host of different horses to ensure each client will be able ride a horse suited to their weight and ability.


We offer rides from 2 to 6 hrs a day. We can tailor make a package to the guests specifications, including additional activities such as yoga, surfing, sand boarding, deep sea fishing, hiking, massage treatments etc. The minimum is 2 nights which include a minimum of 2 rides. We can offer self catering prices or all inclusive prices.

Catering and Accommodation:

We have a variety of accommodation ranging from camping, self catering Beach Houses at Cannon Valley to 4 Star Cottage at Cape Vacca.

Our catering is professional, healthy and heartly. We can cater for all your needs.

In the photo below is our 4 star accomodation in the Cape Vacca Private Nature Reserve.

We do have varied accommodation options to cater for your different wants and needs.

For further info and bookings contact Cornelia on 079 88 35386 or email us