ADIHEX achieves a qualitative leap in the Equestrian Features

ADIHEX achieves a qualitative leap in the Equestrian Features

Equestrian is an essential and pivotal sector in the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, in which about 60 prominent companies and brands in the world of horses participated in its last edition (ADIHEX 2022). They showcased their latest products such as boxes, horseshoes, trailers, saddles, halters, horse bridles, nutritional supplements and fodder for horses, riding apparel, shoes, gloves and much more.

ADIHEX has everything related to the world of hunting and equestrian and the latest technologies used in this field. This is in addition to the participation of many horse racing clubs, training centers, schools for teaching equestrian skills, stables, and a group of the most skilled Emirati and international riders.

The next edition (ADIHEX 2023) will witness a large participation of regional and international companies specialized in the manufacturing of horse-riding equipment and the equestrian world, in addition to distinguished activities and features which attract horse lovers of all age groups.

Hundreds of years ago, the people of the UAE were known to care about horses as one of the most important elements of their connection with Arab values. Over the ages, this interest has evolved to be linked to national identity and the authenticity of belonging through knowing the ancient dynasties whose lineages extend back to Arab origins.

Equestrian features achieved great success in the last edition, as they attracted thousands of visitors, individuals and families, through impressive and distinctive shows of Arabian horses that added a special flavor to the features of the exhibition with the participation of official entities and private clubs. The audience praised the splendor of the shows and the good organization that encourages fans of this authentic Arab sport to watch the amazing performances with their family members, and take souvenir photos to mark their presence at the most famous and beautiful exhibition in the region.

The Emirates Arabian Horse Society, which is keen on its permanent presence at ADIHEX, and is considered an active partner in this significant sector, organized a series of interesting activities, including horse beauty and freestyle riding shows, and an auction for Arabian horses in the category of speed races, in addition to providing several educational lectures, including the standards and rules for registering and documenting horses and their diet. During its participation, the association revealed the total number of Arabian horses registered in the UAE, which amounted to more than 20,300 horses owned by about 4,000 people.

As for Abu Dhabi Police, it presented outstanding performances by the mounted police unit and the K9, while their pavilion presented the history of mounted police patrols (cavalry) and their role in maintaining security since the establishment of Abu Dhabi Police.

A seminar entitled “Horse Riding from Beginners to Show Jumping” presented by Al-Forsan International Sports Resort explained the stages of training in the resort’s equestrian academy, and the mechanisms for obtaining international accreditation in equestrian.

The Dhabian Equestrian Club participated through the pony riding activity, allowing visitors to enjoy its experience. It also presented in cooperation with Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, presentations made by specialists on the benefits of equine-assisted therapy for people of determination.

The Dhabian Club also provided an opportunity for the public to learn the principles of equestrian and the skills of dressage, parading and show jumping. The Gymkhana for People of Determination is an annual feature that attracts creative children to compete on horseback, highlights their equestrian skills, and enhances the team spirit.

The UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation with the Dhabian Club presented a workshop about horses and communication with the successful Emirati riders who won championships in various categories, and who shared their success experiences.

As for the Boudheib Academy, it presented the traditional equestrian show, archery demonstration, and tent pegging, aiming to train Emirati youths on the art of dealing with horses and practicing many of the most beautiful types and arts of equestrian sport as one of the most important elements of connection with authentic Arab values.

The Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club annually presents a distinguished educational polo show for the audience of ADIHEX, as it introduces them to the practice of the sport of kings and princes and invites them to enjoy the most beautiful performances on how to practice it with confidence and distinction, and to know the rules that have been followed hundreds of years ago by all civilizations.

The participation of the Emirati knight, Amna Al Jasmi, was remarkable as she managed to present a role model of the Emirati woman, especially with her pioneering role in spreading this sport inherited from the ancestors among the new generations. She presented in the Arena impressive performances of archery with a bow and arrow on horseback. The art of sword fencing on horseback was also presented by the Kaber Stables team.

Horses have played an important role throughout human history all over the world, and equestrian is one of the oldest and most beautiful sports known to man, it is an essential and pivotal sector in the UAE since the establishment of the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition in 2003, which reflects a translation of the efforts to preserve heritage sports and ancient traditions, and to introduce the people of the world to the importance of purebred Arabian horses.

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