Barnyard Bits

Barnyard Bits

All natural horse and pony treats are the newest treats to hit the Equine market. These treats are made with 100% Fine quality Human grade, simple ingredients. barnyard bits are made without additives, preservatives, imitation or artificial flavoring or coloring.

In making these treats, we felt that it was important to see the real ingredients, such as, Real Carrots, Real Apples, Real Peppermint Candies and Real Flaked Oats. Seeing the ingredients was important but smelling the aroma of fresh baked treats is also something we pride ourselves on. barnyard bits are homemade by hand with love and care.

Each treat is baked and dried to a delicious crunch. The fresh aroma of baked goodness is something every equine will want to taste. These treats are made with low added or no added sugar. In order to insure freshness, we bake treats based upon orders, so your treats arrive freshly baked every time. barnyard bits are offered in 4 flavors: Apple, Carrot, Molasses and Peppermint. All flavors are packaged in a resealable, moisture resistant, FDA approved bag. Each bag is heat sealed to maintain freshness and is easy to tear open. Just as with any baked treat, we do recommend that our treats be stored in a cool dry place to sustain the goodness. We are very excited for your horse or pony to give our treats a try. We invite you to place your order with us, so please contact us at 610.381.5281, email or use our contact form.


“My Grandchildren and I always give barnyard bits to my aged Morgan Mare named “Best”. They stay fresh and smell wonderful for a long time and they are preferred by horses who know that the tastiest treat in town is barnyard bits”. Reg A.–E.Stroudsburg, PA

“I picked up your treats last weekend at the Tack Swap and wanted to let you know these are Gabe’s favorite by far!!!! He could not get enough of them I even tried them and if they weren’t so hard, I would probably be snacking on them also. Thanks for making such a great treat and look forward to placing my future orders with you!” Amy, from New Tripoli PA.