Resurgence of the American Spirit Captured in Historical Western Romance

Resurgence of the American Spirit Captured in Historical Western Romance

Douglas, Wyoming – March 13, 2012 – Though there is a plethora of non-fiction writings on various aspects of America’s surging rediscovery of patriotism and appreciation for core American ideals, there are few if any, current fiction works which embody the foundational essence of the resurgence. The #1 Best-Seller, National Award Winning Threads West, An American Saga series, a sixteen book series, does just that! It is our story. It is Reid Lance Rosenthal’s tale of America and her spirit. It is the ongoing story of us. Book One – Threads West melted down Amazon at 9:07am the day of its release and likewise sold out Barnes and Noble the very morning of that release! Book Two of the series, Maps of Fate, releases nationally April 17, 2012. 20,000 copies are already reserved. The series has been called “the Gone With the Wind of the American West” and compared to Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove and James Michener’s Centennial. Reid Lance Rosenthal

This makes the month of Appril the perfect time to introduce you to Reid. A cowboy at heart, a rancher by trade, and a writer by nature, his Historical Western Romance series glows with American spirit and sizzles with the quick and humorous intrigue and passion we all want to curl up with on blustery spring evenings. A veteran of more than one-hundred radio and TV appearances of up to three hours (and many repeats) and subject of scores of articles in newspapers, magazines,, IVillage ezines and others, Reid is handsome, charming, and outspoken. His very unique personal style will spark your audience and provide them with a guest to remember.

Threads West is a series, and Maps of Fate is a novel unique to Reid’s cowboy heart and poet’s pen. Fueled by the powerful magnetic pull of the energy of the vast lands of the American West, the characters of these adventures have neither country nor culture in common—each comes from a different background, but the lives of their textured and conflicted experiences become part of the fabric of America and the West. Their interwoven destinies, ambitions, courage, treachery and love flow through four generations, creating an American epic that binds the historical characters to the predestined struggles, torrid passions and duplicities of their descendants. The intrigue and unrelenting conflict of their lives are destined to converge with startling twists and turns as they build a great nation. Reid’s gifted writing interweaves the destinies, ambitions, courage and treachery of these men and women with an emerging America in an exhilarating read, evoking every imaginable emotion.

“Many have asked what inspires me to write the Threads West series,” Reid says. “I am fascinated with the interrelated energies of all things. The more primal the current, the greater my interest. In the wide range of tugs to the human soul, nothing compares to the power of the land which underlies all we are and do, the pull on our heart strings of passion-filled romance and the call of the American spirit to our souls.

“These magnets to our spirits, coupled with the rich texture of the mid eighteen fifties–a time when America and the world drew their collective breaths, and then exhaled with a rush towards the American West–is our story. It is a memory we need to recall, courage we need to again touch and a reminder of the foundations of our uniquely American spirit: A touchstone to the past, and a guide post to the future in these uncertain times.”

A fourth-generation land-and-cattleman, Reid bought his first property at eighteen, and has succumbed to the pull of the land ever since. In addition to his success in historical fiction, he is working on a nonfiction book created especially for the descendants of the passionate Americans he writes about in his novels. Land: For Love and Money and the associated workbook Green for Green is a humorous, informative and helpful guide packed with anecdotes from Reid’s forty-year $1 billion career in land management. His experiences in ranches, farms and rural property acquisition, to planning, improving, conservation easement grants, and disposition in numerous states, three countries and two continents will provide his readers with a wealth of tips and advice on buying and managing that most precious American right and resource.

Maps of Fate, the second book in the Threads West An American Saga series, is scheduled for release in April 17, 2012. Volume one of Land for Love and Money will be released on June 5, 2012. Both will be available from Barnes & Noble (in store and online) Amazon and Hastings, in addition to other fine retail outlets.

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Max McCoy. Author of the 4 Indiana Jones and 18 other novels, Screen Writer for Spielberg’s Into the West, Multiple National Award Winner, Professor of Creative Writing: “Epic storytelling, detail, and dialogue. Rascals! Passion! Action! Real! Keep writing the Threads West series!”

Eve Paludan, 2x national #1 best-selling author: “The splendor and adventure of Threads West…An American Saga, Novel One, has now surpassed my long-ago love affair with McMurtry’s Western saga. Reid L. Rosenthal has provided…gripping hours of authentic Western history, action, drama, heartfelt romance and something extra special and seldom seen in literature of this caliber: well-written, sizzling sensuality.”

John Weaver–Senior Editor, Page One Lit: “Every now and then an author and a book come along that grabs readers’ hearts and attention and creates a literary stir — THREADS WEST, AN AMERICAN SAGA by Reid Lance Rosenthal is an instant classic. What is “special” is the author. Reid is a fourth generation land and cattle owner. His cowboy heart and poet’s pen captures the spirit of the western landscape and its influence on generations of its settlers. His long-standing devotion to wild and remote places, and to the people–both past and present–who leave their legend and footprint upon America and the American West is the inspiration and magic that is the ‘thread’ that is THREADS WEST, AN AMERICAN SAGA.”

Reid is articulate, well read, highly versed in history and current events and comfortable with any topic. As just a few segment suggestions:

Segment/Story/Show Suggestions:

• A return to Frontier Values – Five traits that will restore America

• Lower fuel prices! Energy in American History – Six simple was to get back to basics.

• The American spirit and the land – five reasons they are inseparable ideology.

• Individualism vs. government – six lessons of the old West.

• Immigration today and yesteryear – three ways we went wrong, and four simple steps to fixing it.

• Five ways to employ historical fiction in education and home schooling.

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